Ton and Allen Want to Help Make You Money...Again

January 18, 2011

The inaugural season of Auction Hunters may be over, but that doesn't mean that Ton and Allen aren't still hard at work. Better yet, it doesn't mean that they're still not hard at work for you! Once again, we're calling on our league of Hunters to start sending us their hidden garage gems all in an effort to find out if our hosts can help you make money. And don't think that's all we got for you. Coming Monday, February 14, Spike has the special Auction Hunters - Behind the Hunt digging your way at 10PM/9c. 

Its the same rules as before. To find out if you've got cold hard cash collecting dust in your attic, email us a photo of your item to and be sure to include all the different angles so that our Hunters can give a proper assessment. 

In order for your submission to be complete, you will need to agree to the following terms by copying and pasting the below language into your email:

"I agree to's Terms of Use, User Content Submission Agreement, and Privacy Policy."

In addition to your consent to the terms of's Terms of Use, User Content Submission Agreement, and Privacy Policy you agree that any appraisals provided herein are for entertainment purposes only, and that you will not rely on such appraisals for any purpose.

We will be posting a select number of appraised items and showcasing them here.  So be sure to check back in and see if we chose your item, don't forget to tune in for Auction Hunters - Behind the Hunt on Monday, February 14 at 10PM/9c, and keep an eye out for an all new season of Auction Hunters coming this Spring!

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