Head2Head - Last Week's Winners

July 13, 2009

We may be losin' celebrities on a daily basis lately but here at the fastest game show on TV, Head2Head, we're all about winning! In the first week of competition, two ties led to a whopping six out of eight mental maniacs sitting at home walked away with a total of $2,000 in cold, hard spendin' money. That's right, Spike may be 2 Gs poorer but we're all richer for the experience. Especially our first batch of H2H winners:

  • LA TV Producer, Frank, who won $500
  • Semi-pro volleyball player Chris from Tampa and Genetic genius Joseph from Maine who split the five bills for a cool $250 each.
  • Hockey lover Joel from Michigan scored $500
  • California club promoter Daoud and Brooklyn's own self-proclaimed tech geek Da'Vi divvied up the grand prize for a fresh $250 each.

They all had the brains and quick trigger fingers to earn them the cash last week but what about this week? Well kids, H2H host Callie StydaHOT... er, we mean Stydahar is back every Monday through Thursday night at midnight with more lighting-fast trivia and more money to give.

But Callie doesn't like to play alone so Joshua Leonard, the star of the hilarious making-of-a-porno flick Humpday -- in theatres now -- stops by to keep her company and help dish out the cash. And not to be outdone, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath stops by to lend Callie some "Extra" Head2Head hosting help. (P.S., Sugar Ray is back together after five years and they have a new album out July 21st called Music for Cougars, grrrrrrrr!)

So flex those mental muscles with Callie every Monday through Thursday at midnight on Head2Head, the fastest game show on TV!

Check out a clip from last week:

[video]3202831 [/video]

And if you want to play with Callie, register here.