Head2Head - Last Week's Winners

July 29, 2009

We're not sure what's better: A total of two grand up for grabs every week just for answering some head-scratchin' trivia on Head2Head, the fastest game show on TV, or gettin' to spend ten minutes a week with Head2Head's hottie host Callie Stydahar. Either way, everybody wins, but only four lucky lotharios can make it rain just a little bit harder this week, thanks to their H2H winnings!

On Monday, half gamer geek/half face-pounding jiu-jitsu fighter Sean from Chicopee, Massachusetts made his opponent tap and scored the cash!

Then on Tuesday, College Radio DJ and Georgia love machine P.J. turned on that southern charm and nearly charmed the pants off Callie to the tune of 500 bucks. We have a feeling his listeners are gonna be hearing a lot of long distance love deadications for a while.  Check out his big winning moment.


Wednesday night, food critic Evan from Evansville, Indiana tasted victory and stuffed himself full of greens! Watch his victory!


And rounding out the week of competition on Thursday, the recently retired international figure skater Jonathan thrilled the crowd with a dazzling repertoire of grace, beauty, and brains. He went from hittin' triple axels to answering trivia questions and walked away champion! If H2H had a Russian judge, even she would've given him a perfect 10!

And you can keep the winning streak going by tuning into Head2Head every Monday through Thursday night at midnight, only on Spike!

And if you want to play with Callie, register here.