Government Uses Sim City to Save Lives

December 1, 2008

The U.S. Department of Defense is turning to video games in order to train its health care pros and military personnel for the next big pandemic. That’s right, they’re pretty much playing Sim City.  I hope to hell nobody gets antsy and decides to send a monster to L.A.

CNET says:

"The game will allow health care professionals and the military to recognize early signs of an outbreak, practice response tactics, and plot "local mitigation strategies" to limit the spread of disease..." 

Local mitigation strategies?  I seem to remember taping off about a quarter of an entire city for utilities and then cramming every other human possible into Super Towers.  Granted, I am only an amateur city planner, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t translate well or fully to the real world. 

But, sh*t, it would be kind of cool to see a monster attack.