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The Top Eight Killer Kids in Movies

by G_Shakespeare   October 12, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 6,646


4. Sadako/Samara (The Ring)

Source: Toho Company Ltd.

Depending on which version you see (the original Japanese one or the surprisingly good American remake), the evil girl ghost in The Ring is either the vengeful spirit of an abused psychic little girl or just a plain old-fashioned evil little bitch. Either way, she's definitely the scariest thing to ever skulk around in a soaking wet nightie. Including your granny that time she got locked out of the house during a rain storm.

Sadako/Samara spends both movies tormenting anyone unlucky enough to watch her arty home video, regardless of the circumstances. Not only does she appear in their dreams, she also turns up during waking hours like the world's creepiest Blockbuster employee to remind the poor souls that once their weekly rental is up, the late fee is death! Eventually the heroines in both movies figure out that all Sadako/Samara really wanted was a hug and to be understood, like most teenagers. Of course most teenagers don't terrorize innocent victims with a cursed black and white video, but give her a break, she's dead.


3. Malachai Boardman (Children of the Corn)

Source: New World Pictures

The 1984 cult classic Children of the Corn is a lot of things, but one thing it isn't is short on bloodthirsty psychopaths who aren't old enough to buy beer. In fact, despite the heroes who get lost in the town, everyone in the movie is a pint-sized member of a savage murder cult who ritualistically murders anyone over the age of 19. But though they all may be murders, none of them seem to take to it quite like orange-haired lunatic Malachai. Played by go-to ‘80s weirdo Courtney Gains, Malachai leads the kids as they carry out the orders of their prophet and appease the evil He Who Walks Behind The Rows. With his razor-sharp handsickle, evil eyes, and eviler hair, Malachai does everything in his power to keep the cult freshly stocked with sacrifices. In the end, his long track record of murder isn't enough to spare him divine retribution from the evil spirit of the cornfield, but at least he gets to die as he lived- soaked in blood and sporting one the worst haircuts in the history of cinema.


2. Jason Dean (Heathers)

Source: New World Pictures

When he first appears with his James Dean looks and junior Jack Nicholson swagger, you'd be forgiven for assuming Christian Slater's Jason Dean is going to be the good guy in the 1989 black horror comedy Heathers. A recent arrival to the school, he thumbs his nose at the social hierarchy and has nothing but contempt for the popular crowd. His potent mix of teenage rebellion and snarky charm quickly wins him the heart of lead Winona Ryder. Unfortunately for her, his rejection of the school's social mores is less about challenging an unfair system and more about him to setting up an elaborate scheme of murder. As he picks off the popular kids one by one, his violent plans culminate in an attempt to blow up the entire school and disguise it as mass suicide. Kids! Luckily for most of the students at the school, Winona foils the plan, but not before Christian straps on the explosives and blows himself up in a blaze of ironic glory. He may have only been a kid mass murderer, but he went out like a pro.


1. Damien (The Omen)

Source: 20th Century Fox

Considering his demonic lineage, there wasn't much chance that Damien was going to grow up to build houses for Habitat for Humanity or run a hostel for runaway kitties. Being evil was in his blood. Literally the spawn of Satan, Damien packs a lot of evil in his little body, even if does look like the kind of kid who has a permanent note from his mom to get out of gym class. Like his father before him, Damien is more of an evil mastermind than a flat out killer. He rarely does the dirty work, but almost everyone around him ends up dead in some bizarre way that everyone brushes off as a "freak accident." Over the course of the three Omen movies, Damien grows from a super creepy kid to a super creepy man and finally admits his Satanic heritage. Even though he saves his really nasty plans for adulthood, we'll always remember him as a little boy. A sick, evil, freaky little boy.



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