Mantenna - Tuesday, March 23

March 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian is single, Michael Jackson's doctor faces more allegations, and Phil Spector gets punched in the face...Mantenna means never having to say you're sorry!

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Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush Split Again

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits once again. The couple, who have dated since 2007, briefly broke up in July 2009 but soon reunited. Kim cheered Reggie on as he and his team won the Super Bowl and they were recently seen together holidaying in Costa Rica. Now it seems hectic schedules and too much time apart has taken its toll on the relationship.  A source says that Kim’s fame is to blame for the relationship bust-up, saying, “Her fame is just a little too much for him to handle. She travels the world and has created brands. He just can't keep up. They are unsure of what will happen in the future." Let’s see how long it takes for them to get back together this time. [NY Daily News]

Kate Gosselin’s Disastrous Start to Dancing with the Stars

The latest season of Dancing with the Stars kicked off last night and already pundits are predicting that reality television mom Kate Gosselin will be the first “star” booted off the show. Kate’s debut dance was widely regarded as “terrible.” Choreographer Stacey Tookey told Us magazine, “Kate delivered the most embarrassing performance of the night. She showed zero ability, will, or desire. She needs to go.” Kate scored a total of 16, the second lowest score of the night. The only other contestant to do worse was 80-year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who scored 14. Kate blamed her poor performance on a case of the nerves. [US Magazine]

Phil Spector Punched in the Face

It’s being reported that Phil Spector lost a few teeth after getting into a serious brawl in jail. The recently jailed producer has reportedly been in a number of fights since he got to jail. Spector's friend Steven Escobar stated: "He mouthed off to a big guy, who punched him. At first, Phil said he fell down a flight of stairs. Later, he told family and friends what really happened." Escobar said the star had suffered a bruised nose, a black eye and two missing teeth in the violent beating. [NY Daily News]

Michael Jackson' Doctor Interrupted CPR

Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images

According to new documents obtained by the Associated Press, Michael Jackson's doctor apparently halted CPR on the King of Pop and delayed calling paramedics so he could collect drug vials at the scene. The allegation that Dr. Conrad Murray may have tried to hide evidence is likely to be a focus as prosecutors move ahead with their involuntary manslaughter case against him. The account was given to investigators by Alberto Alvarez, Jackson's logistics director, who was at MJ’s side as he was dying on June 25th. [FOX]

CEO of Worst Franchise in NBA History Baffled by Lack of Fan Support

Unless you were one of the 17 people who accidentally tuned in to the New Jersey Nets game last night because it pre-empted a regularly scheduled Seinfeld rerun, you probably missed CEO Brett Yormack yelling at a fan for wearing a paper bag over his head. Sure, most people would probably say that publically berating somebody actually willing to spend money to watch a team that's optimistically looking to finish the season 71 games below .500 is a "Ryan Leaf with the Second Overall Pick"-type of management decision, but Yormack isn't as blatantly incompetent as the NBA or his children who won't look him in the eye might think. Recent studies conducted in both Oakland and Jacksonville show that teams with little support and hated management have the best possibility of being relocated to Los Angeles, and with only two NBA teams and 17 million bandwagon fans in Southern California, Hollywood is in desperate need of a new squad to support during championship years. [ESPN]

Nintendo Announces New Handheld, The Nintendo 3DS

At E3, Nintendo will be introducing new hardware, the Nintendo 3DS. In an official release, Nintendo describes the portable as allowing games to be "enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses". It is not yet known how the 3D effects will work, but it is possible that it could work like this Japan-only DSiWare game. According to Nintendo, the product will go on sale between April 2010 and March 2011. [Crunch Gear]

Sprint Bringing 4G WiMax to Seven New Cities, Including Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Miami

Moving ahead with their ambitious plan to bring WiMax to 120 million Americans by the end of the year, Sprint added seven new cities to their list: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis. These join Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C, which Sprint announced last month, as cities that will bask in the warm glow of WiMax by the end of the year. 4G, from sea to shining sea. [Business Wire]




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