Mantenna - Steve Jobs Unveils the iPad 2 and Snooki Trashes Jersey Shore

March 2, 2011
Snooki is not a fan of Jersey Shore, Steve Jobs unveils the iPad 2, and Snoop Dogg is afraid of sex with Lady Gaga…the Mantenna is back and better than ever!

Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Snooki Not a Fan of Jersey Shore

Even Snooki is embarrassed by Jersey Shore. The reality television star says she does not like the side of her that’s presented on the successful show. She tells Rolling Stone, “If I do something stupid, which is pretty much the whole time, I hate it," she told the magazine. "I just hate it. Obviously, they're only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I'm seeing is me drunk and falling down. That's how I am when I party, but some of the stuff I do is, like, 'Really, Nicole?' I look like a freakin' alcoholic. I'm like, 'You're sweating, your makeup is running, you look gross.' I just look like s**t.” Snooki also has plans for the future and aims to continue being a presence on television for a long, long time. She tells Rolling Stone, “When Jersey Shore ends I'm going to do more spinoffs. If MTV doesn't want them, another network will be, like, 'What does Snooki do now?' or 'Snooki's getting married!' What I'd like is to turn out like Jessica Simpson, with her whole brand. She makes millions... I'm trying to build an empire, because after this I can't get a normal job. I mean, how do I go and sit behind a desk?” Best of luck, girl. [Rolling Stone]

Steve Jobs Unveils the iPad 2

Apple founder and CEO took a break from medical leave to unveil the iPad 2 in San Francisco today. Jobs entered the room to a standing ovation and said, “We've been working on this product for a while and I just didn't want to miss the day.” Jobs said the iPad 2 is lighter and 33 percent thinner than the original. It is manufactured with a dual-core processor, making it perform faster up to two times faster than the original. The graphics have also been improved and the GPU goes at nine times the speed of the iPad mark one. iPad 2 also comes with two built-in cameras, one which is720p HD and can be used for Apple’s Facetime. Other features include: HDMI Full HD output, built-in gyroscope, and a new “smart cover” case. The new iPad will hit shelves March 11 and will cost the same as its predecessor. [Los Angeles Times]

Prince Gets Sued

According to reports, a law firm in NYC is claiming that pop legend Prince owes them over $700,000 in legal fees for numerous services that included settling financial obligations with his former spouse. The firm is suing Prince Rogers Nelson in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. The lawsuit filed earlier today by Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler states that Prince failed to pay the firm for handling cases in California and New York. The law firm also claims that they weren’t paid for representing him in his divorce. More to come… [Examiner]

Snoop Dogg is Afraid of Sex with Lady Gaga

In a recent interview with Blackbookmag, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg tackled the subject of sex with pop phenom Lady Gaga and he came off pretty scared about the possibility of coitus with the music star. Snoop stated: "She's weird as f**k. Who knows, she might have a snake or a knife in her p***y if you try to get some from her.” After making a little fun of her, Snoop did admit that "she makes good s**t, not like a lot of other garbage being repeated." Either way, the idea of these two doing it makes me want a gallon of gin and juice. [Contact Music]