Mantenna – Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Accused of Threatening Security Guards

May 5, 2011
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is accused of threatening a few security guards, Steven Tyler steals his daughter’s clothes, and Internet sensation Ted Williams heads back to rehab…the Mantenna is comin’ home!

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Accused of Threatening Security Guards

Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

According to recent reports, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has been hit with a misdemeanor harassment charge in his hometown of Las Vegas stemming from an incident back in October. Apparently Lil Floyd threatened two security guards after they ticketed some of his entourage’s automobiles. According to the criminal complaint, the boxing champ supposedly began threatening the two guards after he noticed the citations on the cars. The security guards claim Floyd stated: "My homies have guns. If you want me to call them, they'd come over here and take care of you." Damn. There has been no word from Mayweather’s camp. More to come… [SI]

Steven Tyler Steals Daughter’s Clothes

Want to know the secret to Steven Tyler’s unique American Idol wardrobe? It’s his daughter Liv Tyler’s wardrobe. The rocker raids Liv’s closet to get his chic and interesting look. Tyler has revealed all to People magazine, saying, “My dad wears girls’ clothes — it’s so funny. Sometimes I see him and I’m like, ‘Nice shirt!,’ because it’s from my closet.” Oh, Steve! Liv is obviously very proud of her father’s recent Idol success, saying, “I think he’s a really amazing, magical man and all those funny things that he says that people find so strange, my whole life I’ve been hearing them and they make me laugh. And I speak his language; I understand what he’s talking about.” What a nice father-daughter relationship. [People]

Hines Wards Wrongly Arrested

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Pittsburgh Steeler and current Dancing With the Stars contestant Hines Wards was arrested early this morning after being suspected of stealing a car. Wards and his female friend were removed from the vehicle at gunpoint and cuffed by the LAPD in what turned out to be a dramatic misunderstanding. According to police in North Hollywood, California, “They ran the plate and saw that it was a stolen car. Remember, a stolen vehicle is a felony and there are certain practices officers will adhere to.” It turns out the car had been reported stolen by Wards’ friend after an earlier incident with a valet and had forgotten to inform police the vehicle was now in her possession. Wards sent out a tweet to clear the air, tweeting, "I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding. The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it's now in the past. Moving forward.” [Los Angeles Times]

Internet Sensation Ted Williams Heads Back to Rehab

Ted Williams, the homeless man who became an MSNBC announcer after a video of him exploded on the good ol’ Internet earlier this year, is heading back to rehab once more. During a recently taped episode of the Dr. Phil show, Mr. Williams openly admitted that he had indeed begun drinking again. Dr. Phil eventually responded to the dramatic news privately and instantly suggested that he should enter rehab. The show will air tomorrow. Good luck, Ted! [TMZ]