Presidential Beer Stirs Controversy

March 3, 2009

Last Friday night President Obama got the ole internets buzzing when he was busted drinkin' on the job at the Washington Wizards game. According to Radio WWL's website, Obama was kickin' back at the Wizards game and ordered a cold one. One listener called in and laid the shame game, calling it "insulting." Another chimed in saying, "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard in my life."

It would be one thing if he was seen slamming vodka tonics as he tripped over himself and snapped racy photos with the Wizard Girls. But c'mon, who among us hasn't slipped a little Irish whiskey into the morning coffee? Popped a fresh beer when you're stuck workin' late? Broke in on Saturday and had a strip poker tournament in the conference room? I mean seriously folks, let's keep our eye on the prize and focus on some bigger issues, like, um, you know, the economic apocalypse.

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Image Source: Scott Olson/Getty Image North America/Getty Images

Note: The image pictured above is not from the Wizards game. Apparently, he's a booze hound. For shame.