Virtual Alien and 'Est'

June 27, 2009

film, album soundtrack and audio book

Virtual Alien AKA Nick Peterson has just released 16 episodes of his infamous 2003 TV Show 'Est' on DVD. Available in shops and at

The film version of 'Est' is 'The Complete Map of the Universe'.  with Mark Joseph, Jonathan Cross and Jenia Emmanuelle. Produced by David Altman and Tom Norwood.

Virtual Alien AKA Nick Peterson started a musical career at the age of 14 when he released 8 albums. In the nineties he moved on to writing and directing films. He released 10 features, amongst them 'Digital Broadcast' an Interview biography of Paul Gambaccini, 'Burning from the Inside' about a Nigerian tribe living in the oil region and the thriller: 'Speed of Light'.