Commander in Cheeks

August 11, 2008


President Bush returned to his cheerleading roots at the Beijing Olympics over the weekend. The Commander in Chief dropped by the Olympic Beach Volleyball venue to watch the US teams practice and to offer some words of encouragement. Bikini wearing 2004 gold medal winners Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh then invited Bush to "play a little pepper," a warm-up drill bumping the volleyball back and forth. Bush initially tried to steer clear, replying "No, I'm a pretty good spectator."  Hit the jump for an entire gallery of Bush's antics in Beijing...

Like most things in his Presidency, it didn’t take much for the girls to change his mind. Bush joined the girls on the sand and proceeded to pummel some balls:

May-Treanor jokingly bent over and offered Bush a chance to give her a spank on her rear - a custom in many sports for players to offer each other encouragement. Instead, he playfully used the back of his hand to tap her on the small of her back.

When Bush was asked about the cheeky incident he told the AP, "I didn't take it very seriously. I guess everything the president does is interesting." This may just be on the most interesting thing he’s ever done.