Mantenna - Tuesday, March 10

March 10, 2009

Britney Spears returns to her sexy ways, Vin Diesel talks Riddick, and the 40 hottest Jewish's the Mantenna!

Source: Scandalist

Britney Spears Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Britney Spears is currently traveling the country on her Circus tour. She made headlines earlier this week when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and accidently blurted “My p**** is hanging out!” during a performance in Tampa. But now she’s in Miami taking some R&R and looking hot. [The Grumpiest]

The 40 Hottest Jewish Celebrities

Today marks the Jewish holiday Purim. This day commemorates the joyous time when the Jewish people in Persia were saved from being slaughtered. In honor of this day, Scandalist has compiled a list of the hottest Jewish celebrities. The list includes Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and many more. Their sexiness will make you say "L’Chaim!" [Scandalist]

Riddick Returns

Anybody remember that first franchise that made Vin Diesel a big deal? It began with Pitch Black and from there went to Chronicles of Riddick in 2004. The sequel didn’t do nearly as well as the original, but writer/director David Twohy is going to knock out another sequel. Diesel says, “It is underway and I almost think it's a coincidence that we haven't heard anything, that there hasn't been a lot of public stuff on the Riddick movie.” Coincidence? Or total lack of public interest? Hard to say. Whatever the case, fans of the Riddick stories will be glad to know that Universal hasn’t written them off just yet. Third time’s a charm. []

Coachella Adds Bands and DJs After Amy Winehouse Drops Out

Devendra Banhart, the Orb, Chemical Bros., Murder City Devils and Etienne de Crecy have been added to the lineup of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival after Amy Winehouse was forced to drop out due to her legal troubles. Flying Lotus, the Bomb Squad, Kode 9, and Daedulus are also among the DJs who will be performing in the Dome. The 10th annual Coachella festival will be held April 17th-19th at Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. [Billboard]

Nickelodeon Stands by Chris Brown as Nominee


Source: Bob Chamberlin/AFP/Getty Images

Nickelodeon has said that they will not remove Chris Brown as a nominee for this year’s Kids' Choice Awards. Chris Brown is nominated for favorite male singer and favorite song. Rihanna is nominated for best song as well. Even though an online petition asking Nickelodeon to remove Brown and Rihanna as nominees has hit 4,655 signatures as of today, Dan Martinsen, Nickelodeon spokesman, officially stated: "Like all our KCA nominees, Chris Brown was nominated by kids several months ago based on his body of work as a performer, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category," What a burn. [AP]

Parents May be Prosecuted for Buying M-Rated Games

In New Zealand, the Chief Censor (they have that position?) Bill Hastings has stated that he thinks that parents who buy underage children video games rated for older gamers should be “punished as a warning to others.”  That sounds like the dystopic Britain presented in V for Vendetta.  Jeez.  And we thought New Zealand was a magical place where Peter Jackson was king and everybody just kind of snacked on kiwi fruits and kicked it on the beach. []


In the Future, Your Car Will Get Mad at YOU

In the near future, Ford vehicles may fire back a retort if you get cheesed off enough to yell at the car. According to the details of a patent filing, Ford is working on an Emotive Advisory System (EAS) that simulates emotions when interacting with occupants, and may also use an avatar to express itself. The EAS also uses sensors to detect the emotional state of occupants and generate responses based on that data. We all tend to forge some kind of bond with our cars, but it's a little too fantastical and hilarious to imagine rocking down the blacktop in a new Taurus SHO and having the car say "You don't need to drive like a jerk just because you're mad at me." [SWDELAW]

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