The Year Of Kevin Hart

by Kevin Marshall   May 20, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,230

We may not realize it, but stand-up comedy is tough work. Sure, some guys make it look easy, but that's just because they're so good at it. If any jokester could get up and do it well, then the corny dude in your office that people consider "the office cut-up" wouldn't be working in your office (wouldn't that be great, by the way?).

That's why the Guys Choice for Best Stand-Up has to be someone who is not only great at what they do, but also a down-to-Earth, hard-working guy.

For our money, there's no better choice than Kevin Hart.

Although people are still discovering his comedy, he's actually been pounding the pavement since the early 1990s. But in the last year alone, he's done everything from selling out legendary venues to hosting major award shows.

Now that he's blown up and become a mega-star, we think the time is right to give him the Guys Choice for Best Stand-Up. But first, let's take a look at some of his highlights from the last year.


Stand-up comedy always comes first for Kevin Hart, but he's also become something of a movie star. He's made appearances regularly in movies since 2003, and in the last year had major roles in "Think Like a Man" and "The Five-Year Engagement." This summer, he'll appear as himself in the star-studded apocalyptic comedy "This is the End."


The stage and silver screen weren't enough for Kevin Hart, so he decided to also be a star on television. That's just how he does. Currently you can see him on "The Real Husbands of Hollywood," which is a spot-on send-up to those reality shows where rich people act awful.


In terms of pop culture relevance, it doesn't get much bigger than the MTV Video Music Awards. Past hosts include Jack Black, Diddy, Chris Rock, and Jamie Foxx, just to name a few. If there was anything that said Kevin Hart had arrived as a mega-star, it was this.


Isn't it pretty much every comedian's dream to end up on Saturday Night Live in some form? Kevin Hart's no different. He auditioned for the show when he was first starting out but was rejected, which made him hosting the show that much more of an (ironic) achievement. Just to show there weren't any sour grapes, he told the story of his failed audition in his monologue.


Few people can say they've ever sold out MSG, and it's usually guys like Hulk Hogan or Paul McCartney. Well, add Kevin Hart to that list. Last year's "Let Me Explain" tour took him all over the country, but this night in particular was a career highlight. The concert was filmed for a documentary (also called "Let Me Explain") that will be released this July.

As big as this year has been for Kevin Hart, we're betting that the next year will be even bigger. Watch him kick it off by accepting his award at Guys Choice, premiering Wednesday, June 12th at 9/8c on Spike.


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