This Is Why You Don't Do Donuts In A Camaro

August 12, 2011

Doing donuts is a time-honored driving tradition, up there with playing chicken and burning out the clutch. Whether done on a pristine parking lot, a gravel driveway or, more often than not, your friend's lawn, people have been doing them for years. But, in this case, the donut-giver got a heck of a surprise.

As you can see, he was spinning around, minding his own business, when the side airbags deployed. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, although his girlfriend got a burn on her hand from the gas. So, what, precisely, happened? Bad technology? Safety problems? Bad driving?

Bad driving, well, sort of. When contacted about the video, GM said, and we paraphrase, “Yeah, when you send your car spinning around and around at top speeds, the sensors we installed to keep you from killing yourself interpret the massive amounts of g-forces you're putting on the car as a prelude to a rollover. So the airbags deployed because of this. Also, stop doing donuts on our front yards, we paid back that bailout money.”

In short, a safety feature makes driving less fun. Isn't that always the way?

Source: YouTube