The Detroit Red Wings Will No Longer Tolerate Employees with Child Pornography Arrests

May 12, 2010

If the Detroit Red Wings front office was a family, recently departed Vice President Matthew Brown would be the creepy uncle who always gets a little too flirty with his 12-year-old nieces during the holidays. Or, the cousin who is legally required to tell all the Thanksgiving guests that he is a registered sex offender.

Brown recently learned that looking at naked pictures of children is still frowned upon by authorities when he was charged with child pornography possession.

The aging hockey boss was found out when the FBI traced his IP address through a Limewire account he used to download the illicit material. He is no longer with the Red Wings, and now has an interesting unemployment period to explain during his next job interview.

Looks like Brown learned a very valuable lesson about using illegal downloading.

Photo: Photographers Choice/Getty Images