Mossad vs Al-Qaeda

January 10, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when terrorism and counter-terrorism collide? Read on to see!?



Medium Range: Uzi Submachine Gun

Long Range: TAR-21 Assault Rifle

Explosive (1): AT-4 Rocket Launcher

Explosive (2): Claymore Anti-Personelle Mine



Medium Range: Skorpion Submachine Gun

Long Range: AK-47 Assault Rifle

Explosive (1): RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

Explosive (2): Briefcase Bomb


Who Got the Edge

Uzi vs Skorpion: The Uzi gets the edge. The gun has a much greater firing range (200 meters compared to 25 meters with the Skorpion), longer barrel (400mm compared to the Skorpion's 115mm), and clip size (The Uzi can hold a 25 or 32- round clip, while the Skorpion can hold only either a 10 round or 20-round magazine). The only thing that the Skorpion has over the Uzi is firing rate (850 rounds a minute, compared to the Uzi's 600 rounds a minute).


TAR-21 vs AK47: The TAR-21 gets the edge. It is a more modern gun than the AK-47 (TAR-21 was made in 1998, compared to the late 40s for the AK-47), longer barrel (460mm compared to the AK-47's 415mm), and faster firing rate (750 to 900 rounds a minute, compared to the AK-47's 600 rounds a minute). The one thing that the AK-47 has over the TAR-21 is clip size (the TAR-21 can only take 30-round clips, while the AK-47 can take standard 30-round clips, as well 40-round box clips and 75-round drum clips from the RPK).


AT-4 vs RPG-7: The RPG-7 gets the edge. The AT-4 Is a fine rocket launcher, but it's also a disposable one. Once the rocket is gone, there's nothing you can do with the launcher. Not only that, the RPG-7 can be loaded with a variety of rockets (from armor piercers to anti-personelle), and has a greater firing range (100 to 900 meters, compared to the AT-4's (150 to 300 meters).


Claymore vs Briefcase Bomb: The Briefcase Bomb gets the edge. The Claymore was designed to explode in the direction it was place, as well as taking out only 1 or 2 targets. The Briefcase Bomb, on the other hand, can explode in a 360-degree radius, and take out multiple targets. It also is loaded with more explosives & shrapnel than a standard Claymore mine.



At the Israeli Supreme Court, a crisis was underway. From out of nowhere, 5 Al-Qaeda agents had managed to infiltrate the complex, killing just about everyone inside except for a few choice hostages to be used when law enforcement arrived. An attack of this magnitude would not go unnoticed for long.


Fortunately, news outlets across all of Israel managed to catch the story in a record-breaking 30 minutes. As news choppers were flying overhead, they caught footage of police cars driving up and getting into position. There were at least 10 vehicles already there, with a couple more on the way. The news choppers also caught footage of a single individual on top of the roof of the Supreme Court holding an RPG-7. Most news outlets stated that this man was placed there for security purposes in case a military helicopter tried to land.


Another half-hour had passed. There was still no response from the attackers inside, and the police outside were beginning to get anxious. A minute later, a black van was driving up to the Supreme Court building, with a blue menorah & writing on this side. Mossad had arrived.


The van pulled up to the lead police car, and stopped with a screeching halt. The side door opened, and 5 men came out. Two of them had the latest assault rifle, the TAR-21. Two others carried the Uzi submachine gun, and the last to come out of the van had a Claymore mine strapped to his belt, and a AT-4 Rocket Launcher on his back. The men proceeded toward the police car closest to the court building. The cop stationed there handed over the megaphone, then backed out of the way.


"Attention hostiles!" the Mossad soldier shouted through the megaphone. "We've come to negotiate with you! What are your demands!?"


At first, nothing. 5 minutes later, however, two men, one armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and the other armed with a Skorpion submachine gun, came walking out. The man with the Skorpion was holding a hostage, a woman who was probably in her early 20s, and the one with the AK-47 was holding a megaphone of his own. He raised it up, and spoke.


"Our demans are little more than vengeance! We will kill everyone left in this building, until the country of Israel acknowledges it's crimes against the Middle East! You have exactly a half-hour until everyone else in this building has been shot!"


The two men walked back inside with their hostage. The situation had just gotten a bit more tense. As the police began talking amongst themselves, the Mossad agents got into a circle, and planned out their plan of attack.


The lead agent, Yusef, spoke to the others. "Here's the plan: Since they probably have the front rigged, we'll go in from the sides. I'll take Michael and Gabriel to the west side, while Nicholas will head to the east side. As for the lunatic on the roof, we'll have Thomas take him out. You think you can do it?"


Thomas nodded in agreement.


"Then let's move out!" Yusef shouted. Yusef, Michael, and Gabriel went to the west side of the building, while Nicholas briskly proceeded to the east side, with Thomas not that far behind.


2 minutes later, and the Mossad agents were in position. A radio call from Yusef signaled the agents to move in, except Thomas, who found a ladder to the roof. He climbed up slowly, just in case the man uptop heard him.


A moment later, and Thomas reached the top. Fortunately, the man with the RPG-7 had his back turned to him, and was some distance away. Thomas crept up to a powerbox for cover, then loaded a clip into his Uzi. He took aim, then unleashed half of the clip into the terrorist's backside. The terrorist fell to his knees, then dropped to the ground.


Mossad: 5/Al-Qaeda: 4


The other terrorists in the building looked up after the gunshots were heard. They began panicking, but the leader of the group, a large man by the name of Achmed, slammed his fist into a table.


"Quiet!" he yelled. "We aren't children! The mission can still be accomplished, but we must be cautious. You two, check in on the hostages and make sure none of them tried to escape. You, finish assembling that Briefcase Bomb, and get it into place. I'll head to the roof and see what is going on."


Each of the Al-Qaeda terrorists went to accomplish their assigned tasks. Each of them thought to themselves a single thought: they must not fail!


Meanwhile, back on the roof, Thomas went over and examined the dead terrorist. He was a plain individual, no larger than he was, Thomas though to himself. He was about to check the pockets, when he heard the access door rattle. He went back to the powerbox that he was using for cover earlier, and hid.


As he got to cover, Achmed opened the door. Immediately, he saw his dead comrade, and went over to see if he could be saved. He checked the body, and felt no pulse. As he was praying for him, Thomas leaned out from cover, and fired off a couple shots from his Uzi. Hearing the gun go off, Achmed dropped to the ground to avoid getting hit. After the bullets wizzed passed him, he managed to catch a quick glimpse of the shooter. Taking his Skorpion, he loaded a 20-round clip, and fired back.


The bullets simply bounced off the powerbox. Thomas peaked out of cover again, and fired a couple more shots. 3 bullets managed to come out, but then the gun simply jammed up. Trying to unjam his Uzi, Thomas failed to see Achmed pick up the RPG-7. As soon as he got the gun unjamed, a rocket flew towards his position. A second later, the rocket hit the powerbox, creating a huge blast, and sending shrapnel into every part of Thomas's body.


Mossad: 4/Al-Qaeda: 4


Seeing the shredded corpse, Achmed left the RPG-7 on the ground, and went back through the access door. How dare that infidel try to kill me, he thought to himself. He went back down the stairs as quickly as he could, and hoped than none of his remaining men were also killed.


Meanwhile, Yusef and the others heard the blast from the roof. He reached for the radio in hopes that Thomas was still alive.


"Come in." Yusef said. "Come in Thomas, what's your condition!?"


There was nothing on the radio but static. He now knew that his comrade was dead, and gave a small pause of silence. The mission still had to be carried out, so he, Gabriel, and Michael continued their mission on the west side of the building.


Around this time, Nicholas was wandering the hallways of the east side of the building. He didn't want to use his radio for fear that the terrorists were somehow listening in on him. Fortunately, he had enough explosives on him to level a terrorist headquarters 5 times over.


He passed a large pair of doors, when he though he heard a muffled sound coming from the room. Stopping, he opened the doors, and found the hostages. There were seven of them: 4 men, and 4 women. Each of them were gagged, and tied to a chair. Looking to see if anyone was nearby, he went in and freed each of the hostages, one by one.


A minute later, and each of the hostages were freed. "Please, you have to help us." said one of the women frantically. "They're going to come back any time now and kill us!"


Nicholas put a hand over the woman's mouth. "Nobody is going to kill you." he said. "I came in through the east entrance. The way should be clear."


"What about you?" the woman asked.


"I'll be fine." Thomas responded. "Now go, before they come back and actually kill you!"


The 8 hostages went out of the room, and proceeded eastward. As they left, Nicholas went to the doors. He closed one but left the other open. He took the Claymore from his belt, and planted it just behind the closed door. He exited the room, and closed the door behind him. As he got out of the room, he could hear the sounds of two people walking towards his position, and quickly got behind a nearby column.


The two men that were coming towards him stopped in front of the room. The lack of noise disturbed them. After speaking to each other, one of the men went towards the door, and opened it to see if the hostages were still secure. The door opened, and the Claymore went off, spraying shrapnel into his side and killing him almost instantly.


Mossad: 4/Al-Qaeda: 3


The other terrorist put down the briefcase that he was carrying, and went over to see the damage done to his friend. As he walked over, Nicholas took the AT-4 off of his back, aimed it, and fired. The rocket coming out was so fast, the terrorist hand no time to avoid it. It hit him with the force of a thousand fists, and sent his guts all over the place.


Mossad: 4/Al-Qaeda: 2


Once the smoke settled, Nicholas got out from behind the column, and examined the damage he created. Pretty good, he though to himself. One he could see through the hallway, he went over to the briefcase to see if there was anything important inside it. He got to the briefcase, and opened it. The sight of the pipebombs was the last thing that he would ever see, as they all went off at the same time.


Mossad: 3/Al-Qaeda: 2


Despite being on the west side of the building, Yusef and the others could hear the blast. Another one of ours taken out, Yusef though to himself.


"What are we going to do?" Gabriel asked. "There's only 3 of us, and who knows how many of them!"


"Quiet!" Yusef growled. "Has it occurred to you that I haven't been thinking about that!? When we find who's left, then we'll have our "revenge"."


Gabriel and Michael grimly nodded, and the three men went onward.


They got to the main lobby a minute later, they looked around for any sign of the terrorists. As they were looking around, they failed to see Achmed and another terrorist on the balcony above them. The two raised their guns, and opened fired.


"Ambush!" yelled Michael, and a hail of bullets went right through his body.


Mossad: 2/Al-Qaeda: 2


Yusef & Gabriel could do nothing for their friend, who now laid dead on the ground. The only thing they could actually do was return fire. Their TAR-21's unleashed hell upon the two terrorists. who ducked down to avoid getting hit. Unfortunately for one of them, a single bullet landed right square between the eyes, and exited in a bloody explosion.


Mossad: 2/Al-Qaeda: 1


After seeing his comrade shot, Achmed ran from the balcony. As they saw the terrorist run, Yusef and Gabriel saw their chance. "Gabrield, you go that way and I'll go this way!" Yusef yelled. The two Mossad soldiers ran in opposite direction, determined to catch or kill the terrorist.


5 minutes later, Achmed was back on top of the roof. He managed to make it to the balcony, just as soon as Yusef and Gabriel got through the access door. Achmed managed to not fall off, but he wished that he did.


"Hands up!" Gabrield yelled. "If you come with us, we promise that you won't get hurt!"


Achmed looked at the two Mossad soldiers, then looked down the balcony behind him. "I think not." he solumly said, then jumped off the ledge. Yusef & Gabriel ran towards the balcony, when they heard a solid thud. They looked over, and saw Achmed's lifeless body on the ground, with his head busted wide open.


"Looks like he finished our job for us." said Yusef grimly.


Mossad: 2/Al-Qaeda: 0


Mossad: 515

Uzi: 200

TAR-21: 200

AT-4: 100

Claymore: 15


Al-Qaeda: 485

Skorpion: 85

AK-47: 200

RPG-7: 200

Briefcase Bomb: 100


Final Examination: This has been the closest fight yet. In the end, Mossad was able to win due to superior firearms, and superior skill.


Strongest Weapon: Mossad's Uzi & TAR-21, as well as Al-Qaeda's AK-47 & RPG-7, brought in 200 kills, making them the strongest weapons.


Weakest Weapon: Give it's unidirectional nature, and 15 kills, the Claymore is the weakest weapon of this fight.


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