Newsflash: Women Sometimes Rue Having Sex After Having Sex

June 3, 2008



Kim Cattrall, a.k.a. Samantha, a.k.a. YUCK is being rewarded for being a popular slut on Sex and the City by getting her own spinoff.  Though it’s not officially associated with the infuriating, aforementioned series, just look at how at how Entertainment Weekly describes it…

Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall is starring in another sex-themed HBO comedy series set in New York. The actress, who plays Samantha in SATC, will star as a middle-aged wife and mother who rediscovers her sexuality and begins to question the choices she has made in life.

GYAH!  It burns!  I’m not surprised, though.  This has been a long time coming. Women have been carrying around their sins for far too long, and it took HBO to remedy this?!?!?!

Although I'm not an officially recognized theologian, in the Heavenly Gardens we've been chasing ourselves since this scene must have happened: 

God:  Whoa.  Hey, what was that?

Eve (mouth full):  Hmrrff?

God:  What is that?  Give it here.  Spit that out!

(Adam arrives)

Adam:  Hey, God, Eve.  What’s up?

God:  Spit it out right now, or you’re BOTH in trouble! 

(Eve swallows)

God:  That’s it! 

(Lighting and thunder)

And the punishment continues to rain down.  That is the only explanation I can muster for this thinly veiled serpent of a woman to get an additional, middle-aged, urban sex show.  Original Sin.

I would say God help us, but look how far that’s gotten us.