The Song About Loving Lady Parts

June 22, 2011

It's about time someone created a love song dedicated to the va-jay-jay.

The folk at British sanitary pad company Mooncup have crafted a cabaret-style tune imaginatively titled Love Your Vagina. The song is inspired by the thousands of different nicknames or slang used to describe a lady's downstairs bits. The company conducted poll asking women from around the world "what they call theirs." They received over 14,000 different names, which seems extraordinarily high, and crafted a song that lists over 25 of those user submitted names.

Yep, it's The Vagina Monologues of music. It's a song solely dedicated to the virtues of a lady's honey pot, or should that be beaver, box, or bearded clam? Oh my.

Before you play the song, be warned, it's extremely catchy.

What's your favorite va-jay-jay nickname?

Source: Mooncup