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The Top 10 Movies We Wish Were Video Games

by bradiger   April 09, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 2,004

Every once in a while, a film comes along that is so compelling in one way or another, you wish you could immerse yourself in its world and take on the roles, situations, and surroundings that help define it. The video game and film industries have started to capitalize on this as of late, but over the years, there’ve been a handful of overlooked candidates that really should have made the leap into the interactive realm.

10. A Clockwork Orange

Fancy a little...ultra violence? Stanley Kubrick's over-the-top masterpiece on the human condition takes a decidedly twisted look at the teenage wasteland of sex, drugs, art, and angst.

Might be tricky to get this one past the ESRB, but with the copious amount of high speed reckless driving, rapes, bludgeonings, and general mayhem, set to the tune of a surreal, slightly dystopian - yet strangely familiar - future, this one would surely be a hit with the kids.

9. Vanishing Point

A man. A muscle car. And a whole lot of speed. Vanishing Point is like Cannonball Run through the eyes of a sociopath. You are Kowalski, a decorated war vet and former race car driver on a mission to get his delivery - a 1970 Hemi Challenger - from Denver to San Francisco no matter what it takes. Constantly pursued by the cops and surviving on fistfuls of benzedrine, getting the package there on time is your one and only focus.

Just imagine the cops-n-robbers style multiplayer matches you could do with this. Real-time challenges with cop cars piloted by other players. Drag races across the Nevada desert. Teaming up with sympathizers to take down The Man. Pure awesome.

8. Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Bringing together bikini girls with machine guns, ninjas, drug kingpins, bazookas, and a hungry, giant snake on a plane (really) into one movie would be quite a feat for most films, but b-movie cult classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii does it with ease.

As a video game, we'd be treated to action-packed and decidedly varied gameplay: From jeep vs. helicopter combat and snake fighting, to blow up doll skeet shooting - the possibilities are really endless with this one. 

7. They Live

John Carpenter's '80s dark comedy-meets-science fiction cult classic, They Live prays on fear that the aliens are already among us in disguise, using subliminal mind control to take over the world. But one man, armed with a special pair of glasses and a metric ass-ton of attitude, can see the truth, and the aliens' mind control devices have no effect on him. His mission is to free as many people from mental slavery as he can, and take out as much alien scum as possible while he's doing it.

While They Live has never been turned into a video game, there have been a number of games which have "borrowed" some of the style of the film for own purposes (we're looking at you, Duke Nukem 3D). But there's never been a fully-realized They Live in the video game realm, and it's high time we got one.

6. Escape from New York

In the dystopian future world of 1997, Snake Plissken is an ex-soldier turned outlaw in the now prison-state of Manhattan Island in New York. World War III has taken a heavy toll. The city is ran by street gangs and the unwritten law is that it's every man for himself in this urban wasteland.

The President, while on his way to a summit meeting aboard Air Force One, is forced to eject from the plane in an escape pod when terrorists take control of the plane and crash it into Manhattan. He survives, but is taken hostage by street thugs who threaten to kill him unless all military personnel leave Manhattan.

Snake, a new arrival to the island, is offered a deal: Get the president back, get your freedom. The catch? He only has 24 hours to do it.

With urban combat in a sprawling post apocalyptic New York, endless armies of merciless street gangs, car chases, land mines, military hardware, and hostage rescue, this one is a no-brainer for the video game treatment. So where is it?


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