Maxwell’s Picks For The Top 15 Movies In Austin

March 21, 2014
Maxwell’s Picks For The Top 15 Movies In Austin
Hey everyone! Maxwell here and I just flew all the way down to Austin to watch some movies. Well, that and sample the town's fine food, music, and panels as part of South By Southwest. But the real draw has been the eclectic film selection, ranging from big budget premieres to indie genre stuff. So with the trusty Intern Greg in tow, I went about sampling some of the cool new movies you'll be able to see throughout 2014.

Veronica Mars

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It was time for a little uplift after all of the doom, destruction, and craziness (and that was just waiting in line to get our badges). This documentary profiles the first famous white mariachi, Matthew Stoneman, AKA Mateo, as he overcomes his criminal past to achieve unexpected musical stardom. Director Aaron I. Naar doesn't sentimentalize his subject, presented hear as a guy with possibly outsized dreams just trying to get by - kind of like Intern Greg and his "political hip hop" career.

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

We ended our festival viewing on something of a down note with this wintry drama based on the urban legend of a young Japanese woman thought to have suffered exposure in the the middle of Minnesota while searching for the missing money at the heart of the Cohen Brothers' Fargo. Pacific Rim star Rinko Kikuchi returns to the kind of understated performance that won her so much notice for her work in Babel.Intern Greg, as insightful as ever, summed it up thusly: "I loved it but it was too sad."