The First Major Free Agent Signing of the Summer

June 30, 2010

After spending her offseason weighing employment opportunities and breaking down Dancing with the Stars game-film, Erin Andrews has made the first major move in the sporting world's most highly anticipated free agency period. Ball's in your court, LeBron.

Sources close to USA Today claim that Andrews has agreed to sign an extension to stay with ESPN:

Erin Andrews and ESPN have tentatively agreed to a new deal to replace her current one, which expires this week. ESPN executive Norby Williamson, declining to say how Andrews' on-air roles might change, says, "We hope to have a deal signed soon."

Looks like Jenn Brown just became the Joe Johnson of the perky blonde female reporters free agency class. Always the sideline reporter’s bridesmaid, but never the one being filmed through a keyhole.

Photo: Frederick Breedon/WireImage/Getty Images