ESPN Reiterates Toronto Raptors' Desire for More Foreign White Guys

January 25, 2011

I am – sigh – a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan. Like many of my distraught brethren, I decided to spend three hours this afternoon digitally building for our team’s future via interweb draft simulations. 17 tries in, I gave up and realized that ESPN’s tech support team is well aware of the Raptors’ “Best Foreign White Guy Available” NBA Draft strategy.

In case you haven’t heard of Enes Kanter (which, provided you don’t work at the NCAA enforcement offices, is rather likely) here’s some information about him. If you cover up the name and replace the phrase “sound defensively” with “out of the league before his rookie contract expires,” it’s basically Rafael Araujo.

(Draft simulation photos courtesy of


Photo: Brian Bahr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images