Vida Guerra Poses Nude to Promote Vegetarianism

March 22, 2011
Cuban model Vida Guerra has stripped off and joined the (now exhaustive) list of celebrities who have posed nude to help promote animal rights group PETA.

Vida Guerra espouses the health benefits of a no-meat diet in the latest “Go Veg” print campaign for PETA. The sexy model does it while posing nude and showing off almost every inch of her yummy flesh.

The bootylicious model makes a call to arms, urging her fans to support the animal rights organization. She says, “So what I would say to my fans is to go to PETA Web site,, and get more information about it because anyone that has a heart will have compassion towards them. And just change your thought process, and in changing that, we might change the whole world.”

Vida also wants her fans to donate to her cause and has offered fans an exclusive image from her spicy PETA shoot to people who make a donation to the group.

Then again, you could just watch this behind-the-scenes video and save yourself some bucks.

Source: PETA