Forbes Magazine Points out How Miserable People from Seattle Should Be

March 1, 2011
In an uplifting sports survey done by a business magazine that ranks the trust funds of Arabian Sheiks, the city of Seattle was named the single most depressing sports town in America. The editors of the story celebrated the article by going out back and beating a dead horse while talking about how awesome Shawn Kemp used to be.

According to the list, the following cities are going to have some depressing work to do if they want to catch up to Seattle.

2. Atlanta

3. Phoenix

4. Buffalo

5. San Diego

Forbes claims that although Atlanta and Phoenix are certainly quite miserable places to be a sports fan, they simply don’t offer the overall depression that Seattle has forced upon its residents in recent years.

Numbers two through five may be constant playoff underachievers, but their postseason disappointment goes down like a sugar-covered rainbow when compared to the bitter taste of losing an NBA franchise and over 350 baseball games in the past four years.

Photo: Otto Greul Jr./Getty Images