The Speculation About James Cameron's Next Project Begins

December 9, 2009

Considering we still have 9 days before Avatar hits theaters it seems a little premature to be speculating on director James Cameron's next project. But that's exactly what we're going to do -- and for good cause.

Production Weekly has tweeted this interesting bit of news: "James Cameron is developing a Shane Salerno-scripted sci-fi action script for Fox, described as an 'event' film set in the future." Sure, this doesn't give us that much to chew on, but it's enough to defray our excitement about the release of Avatar for a few minutes.

Since Salerno is the writer who did Shaft, Armageddon, and AVP: Requiem, he seems like a good fit in terms of working with Cameron. It's been known for a while that Cameron was interested in doing a movie adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel graphic novels, but until we hear something solid on that it's hard to know when it will happen.

Now, whether or not Cameron is actually intending on directing this Salerno project is anyone's guess. Seems like Cameron might need to take another 10-year break before he jumps right back into the muck -- and it's also possible, if Avatar is a hit, that he'll have to go right into a sequel.

Of course, that's silly. Because Cameron doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images