The New England Patriots are Already Disappointing Children in Mid-Season Form

May 7, 2010

A small middle school in Connecticut recently won the opportunity to spend a day learning nutrition and athletic tips from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Had Brady (or any of his teammates) actually shown up, it probably would have been one of the greatest days of their young lives.

Instead of honoring their commitment and spending a few hours with a collection of kids who spent months participating in a local fitness contest, the Patriots decided that sending an intern with a couple if workout DVDs would be an even bigger thrill for the children.

According to those in attendance, “the hour featured a registered dietitian giving them tips on healthy eating and a communications intern from the New England Patriots playing kickboxing workout videos.”

The students seemed to understand that they simply weren't important enough to garner an appearance, though.

"The event was fun," said seventh-grader Tom Bergamo to the Norwich Bulletin. "But I was hoping to see a Patriot. I even brought pens and notebooks so I could get autographs."

“They built it up quite a bit and really did not come through,” one of the teachers added.

Sounds like Patriots did an excellent job teaching these youngsters about disappointment and the importance of finding a good intern to take blame for any situation. If they had somehow incorporated a "Stay Away From Meth" message it would have been a rousing success.