Dolphin-Inspired Swimfin Makes Flipper Jealous

March 10, 2009

Alabama-based inventor and engineer Ted Ciamillo just invented a swimming fin that will make you much faster than even the fastest Olympian swimmer on Earth.  He calls it Lunocet, and it’s a 2.5-pound carbon fiber dolphin fin. 

The key to it working is kind of like what makes airplanes fly.  However, with a dolphin’s fin (and the one he made based upon it), the thrust generated when it moves through the water pushes the diver forward instead of up like a plane. 

It’s the precise shape of the dolphin fin that does this, and f*&% if I know how.  I’m not the aquatic engineer, so back off.  But, I can tell you that Ciamillo used actual CAT scans of dolphins’ tails to make the design.

He’s already been clocked at 8 miles per hour - double the speed of Michael Phelps at his fastest.  You can order your own super fin from the designer himself for $1,800 each.


Source: LomeRanger via Scientific American