The 10 Historical Figures Who Didn’t Do What You Think They Did

May 24, 2011

Source: Universal Images Group/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Perhaps the most famous influential President in U.S. history, Lincoln has long been the stuff of legend. His birth, life, and death reads like the story of Jesus, Superman, and Ash from Evil Dead all rolled into one, minus the resurrection, ability to fly, or awesome defeat of mystic zombies with a chainsaw hand. Then again, Lincoln probably had some hobbies.

None is more infamous than the unique tale of events leading up to the historic Gettysburg Address, a speech that was so brilliant it united a nation based on a few simple words he supposedly wrote during a stagecoach ride on the back of an envelope. The speech might have been written quickly because of the press for time, but not during the span of a coach ride, especially since he had written several drafts of the thing before he delivered it. And besides, if the legend was true, I'm sure it also would've put an end to the feud between cats and dogs, the Hatfields and the McCoys, and the East and West Coast gangs long before they even started.