Sheen Celebrates Guilty Plea with Playboy Mansion Party

August 9, 2010

Last weekend Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in connection to a Christmas Day fracas with estranged wife Brooke Muller. He was sentenced to 30 days rehab, but decided to skip it and went straight to the Playboy mansion to get himself some bunnies.

New details regarding the couple's domestic dispute have emerged since Sheen pleaded guiltily last week. According to a police report, Sheen says the fight started over a Train song. Yep, Train. Sheen alleged that Muller became “jealous” when the song "Drops of Jupiter" came on the radio. Apparently Sheen "shared an affinity for astronomy and the song… with his daughter by another woman" and this upset Muller, who allegedly wanted to know why the two of them didn’t have their own song.

Muller paints a different picture of the incident. According to reports, “Sheen grabbed her by the throat while straddling her on a bed and held a 4-inch pocket knife to her throat while threatening her life.” Muller says Sheen told her, “You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you. I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won't leave a trace.” The report states that Muller showed signs of "obvious reddening around her throat" that appeared "consistent" with a strangulation attempt.

All this was water off Sheen’s back, though, and he celebrated his “freedom” by partying it up with Hugh, Ron Jeremy, and countless Playboy bunnies at Playboy’s annual summer party.

There ain’t nothing like celebrity justice!

Source: Splash News