Round 1 Results and Round 2 matches

November 17, 2010


Match 1- The Viking Cut the Zande down to size

Match 2- Shaka was destroyed by the Knight

Match 3- The Rajput narrowly defeated a Huge Celt

Match 4- The Centurion caught the Gladiator before his escape

Match 5- Sun Tzu couldn't stand against the Persian Immortal

Match 6- The Maori found out why gunpowerder changed the face of war

Match 7- Alexander the Great out foxed the Shaolin Monk

Match 8- The Ninja barely held onto the victory over the Aztec Jaguar

Decent enough matches, let's see if there's some good ones in the next round:

Winners Bracket:

Spartan vs Viking

Samurai vs Persian Immortal

Alexander the Great vs William Wallace

Knight vs Apache (This guy is getting damn lucky)

Ming vs Ninja (So is this guy!!!)

Vlad the Impaler vs Rajput

Attilla the Hun vs Roman Centurion

Comments Section- I want people to vote weather I should change the match ups to "Knight vs Ming" and "Ninja vs Apache" or keep it totally random. If there's a tie, It stays random.

Losers Bracket:

Shaka Zulu vs Zande Warrior

Celt vs Shaolin Monk

Sun Tzu vs Gladiator

Aztec Jaguar vs Maori


Reminder- Vote!