World's Toughest Cell Phone

October 8, 2008

Shoot it with a gun, drop it off a 13-story building, talk to your girlfriend about The Holiday and then wing that mother into a wood chipper – the Sonim XP3 keeps on ticking.

Until this year, it’s only been available in Europe which is totally effing ridiculous.  Nobody’s cell phone get's shot on a continent where even the cops don’t have guns.

You can freeze it, too.  Down to 40 degrees below 0.  Hell yes.  Sonim’s CEO, Bob Plaschke, who I imagine is has thick, tangled arm hair about the softness of steel wool,  says that "there's two percent of the market that will really want these phones, and they'll find us."

Then, I imagine, he cocked a double-barreled shotgun, looked out of his one good eye, and said "And, when they do, we’ll be ready."