Authentic Barroom Shuffleboard

March 19, 2009

Man, I love shuffleboard.  It is a game of finesse and drinking, and those are two of my strong suits to be sure. 

This authentic shuffleboard game is 10 feet long and comes with an electronic score board so as to put any whining directly to bed.  Other than that, it’s your pretty standard barroom shuffleboard table. The craziest thing, though, is that the table is only $700.  I feel like I would shell out 3 times that.


  • Premium 2" thick play-field with maple wood veneer and polymer finish for long-lasting performance
  • Never requires resurfacing
  • Top rails and round corners are constructed with solid wood
  • Cradle cabinet is made of durable oak veneers
  • Inner layer of cradle cabinet is lined with premium carpet
  • Solid square legs for maximum durability and strength
  • 6" diameter adjustable leg levelers made of cast metal for additional stability and an even play-field
  • Easy to read and operate electronic overhead scoreboard is visible from both sides
  • Two colors (red and green) of three-inch LED numbers for accurate two-player scoring
  • Overhead scoreboard housing is made of wood and supported by a powder coated steel pole for a traditional look
  • Same quality used by the professionals for tournament play

If you had this in your living room, nobody in your social circle would go anywhere else, ever.  You guys might not even go out to bars and restaurants.  I think it would take my buddies and I at least a month to even consider another locale for socialization.


Source: Kegworks