And so the story began

January 23, 2011

Fight number two is up. Not my best work but ah                          

And so the story began

It was an cloudy day on the island. Fred Devons, owner and president of the Devons televison group watched the three vehicles before him. 'Do they work' he asked a short black man, wearing a labcoat. 'Splendid' the man answered. the english accent was clearly hearable. On his private island, Fred had spent millions of dollars to get the best technician, research men and supplies money could buy. The result, three actual working time machines. 'How is the other project?' Fred asked. 'Done too' this time it was an big German woman that answered. 'Follow me please' she continued. Fred followed the woman out the door, in a long hallway and after some more doors, they came across a door guarded by two men. They entered the door and Fred smiled as he saw several computers and keybords and, behind a glass screen, an arena that suddenly changed into a desert. Fred saw how the woman had pushed some buttons, and now she was working on the keybord again, with as result an shoppingcentre appearing. 'How real is this all?' Fred asked the woman. 'as real as possible. The warriors can be thrown trough glass and it would hurt them, the same goes with the rest you can see. The Cebro has thousends of arena's in his memory.' the woman told it all with a proud smile. 

There was a knock on the door and after that the door openend, revealing Jasper Klinch, the vice-president of the Devons television group. He entered the office of his boss and got comfortable in a soft chair. 'Sir' he spoke to Fred. 'The soldiers are ready for action. 'Very good, very good indeed' Fred said. 'Tell them that they have to get ready for their first travel into history. Take the warriors and bring them here. Also, i dont care if the soldiers do not manage to grab the weapons and armour, we will reproduce that.' The command was clear and Fred was expecting that his number two, as he liked to call Jasper would run off to follow the orders. Jasper just sat there, picking his fingers. 'Is there something else?' Fred asked. 'Yes, sir..' Jasper did not know how to bring it. he knew the man for so long, why couldn't he just say what was on his mind.  Jasper took a deep breath and started. 'We have spend an awful lot of money on the three time machines, the buildings, that Cebro thing and the holding facilities. There is not much money left and the board is getting nervous. I.. I.. I mean, if something goes wrong, anything at all. We lose everything we worked to hard to accomplice.'Fred raised from his chair, walked to the window and watched the trees and small river outside. 'Nothing will go wrong' Fred spoke. 'We have soldiers from all around the world. Some are ex criminals, others have been in armies. They will take the prisoners and guard them. As for the money. They money we have lost, we will tripple it as soon as we air it. Comon, ancient warriors, fighting till death for our entertainment. Warriors who have never met in history are facing each other in an arena. Everyone wants to see that. We will get money from commercials, advertisement in the show, viewers and gamblers, who wants to gamble on the winners. The next months, DTG will be on the lips of everybody around the world. Praising us and our matches. The greatest part is that nobody knows it is all real.' The masterplan was perfect. Fred had spend weeks, creating it and now it was almost ready, nothing would stand in his way. 'The best part is, that when this tournement is over, we just start all over again with other warriors. We can spend decades using this formula.' Fred was really boasting himself now. ' But.. Sir...' Jasper interrupted. 'Like i said before... I still think its not ethical to....' Fred was now standing in front of Jasper, looking angry. 'WE have come so far. U are not going to screw things up. I dont want to hear anything about ethical things anymore, or else...!'

Jeff Garsh and Logan Bright followed the little black man to the timevehicles, as the time machines were named. The soldiers had their own term, calling them the historyboomers. Jeff was a very tall man. Her used to be a member of the navy seals untill he had quitte that job. Being a seal was great for a time, but Jeff wanted to have a more steady income, finding it in this job. Logan on the other hand was not very big or broad. He was a great marksman and had been active in some obscure agencies. Now he was hired by the Devons television group to travel in the past to get the warriors and when all warriors were collected, guarding him. Logan knew that Jeff had the same job and 15 more men. Altough Logan did not know all of them, all the guards have been in gouverment organisations or the organised crime.                                                          'This is the timevehicle you two are going to use.' the technician said in a squeeky voice. He opened the front door, showing the cockpit. 'This will be your place. You can store your personal stuff here and you can sleep here. Ofcourse, it also serves the main purpose of flying this thing.' The two soldiers just nodded and walked on. The vehicles can fly and drive, they are really fast, especially in the air and you could cross the north sea within half an hour.' The man then opened the backdoors, showing four cells. 'These are containercells. Ofcourse you are meant to neutralize the warriors but its save to put them in here. You can store four warriors at a time' he spoke lastly. Jeff and Logan gave a sign of understanding when suddenly a big bang sounded in the hall smoke appeard. When the smoke pulled away,  a man and a woman stepped out of a timevehicle. And thats why we call these the historyboomers, jeff though with a grin. Jeff noticed that the man and woman were Chuck and Sarah, ex cia agents and lovers. they opened the backdoors of their vehicles and and heard a loud bouncing and screaming. The black man looked up, a bit scared. As Chuck and Sarah opened a two doors, Chuck remarked: 'That damn viking just woke up when we tranquilised the bastard. We were just able to force him in the cell.' Two other soldiers had shown up and carried two native warriors away. Chuck, Jeff and Logan stood ready as Sarah opened the door with the viking behind him. The big man slammed towards the outside, knocking Sarah away. The man smelled like animals and wore a combination of fur and chainmail. Chuck and Jeff grabbed the arms of the viking, as Logan escorted them outside. Sarah stood up slowly with only having a bloody lip as result of the punch and fall.                                                Half an hour later, Jeff and Logan were ready to go. Both armed with a handpistol and a smg, they also carried a pair of handcuffs each and Jeff carried a tazergun, while Logan had an tranquilizergun with him. They stepped in the the timevehicle, threw their bags with personal stuff and food in a corner and fastend their seatbelts. Logan set the time and Jeff made them ready for take off. A few minutes later, they were shot at blindingspeed and with smoke and flashes everywhere, they felt an force and when it was lifted, they were cruising in the air, with a lake under them. They had just arrived in ancient Greece. 

Collecting the warriors

The historyboomer came down on the ground, in the grass. 'First one, the spartan', Jeff said. 'What the hell is a spartan by the way' he added. as Jeff stepped out of the vehicle and inhaled the fresh air. 'Dunnoh, some sort of ancient warrior, lots of armour' Logan said while he was searching the stuff. 'Where is the AK47, i would swear we took it with us.' He added. 'Sorry, but i don't think we took one with us. Next time dude' Jeff responded.                                                                                                                Deciding which way they would go, both men headed north, into a forest. As they walked trough, they heard a cry. Quickly turning back and taking their handguns, they saw three men. The warrior in the middle was clothed in bronze and had a shield and spear in his hands as the two men next to him were only dressed in cloths and were holding spears. 'Its the middle guy' Logan said as he fired is makarov, hitting the warrior on the right in the chest. 'I guessed already' Jeff responded as his Sig Sauer shot a bullet in the throat of the right warrior. The Spartan looked angry as his two slaves were just killed by those strange weapons. Seconds the two agents had to step away as the spartan charged them with his spear. Jeff activated his stungun but the shield of the spartan deflected the attack. It did gave Logan the oppertunity to shoot an tranquilizing dart in the neck of the Spartan. The Spartan yelled angry, took the dart out of his neck, aimed his spear at Logan and collapsed to the ground. The two men took off the armour of the spartan warrior and dragged the man into one of the holding cells. 'Shall we take the weapons?' Logan asked. 'We did not have to, so we keep them here' was the response of Jeff. When the men had thrown the Spartan warrior, they both got in the timevehicle again and reloaded the tazer and tranquilizer. 'What is next on the list?' Jeff asked. Logan took the piece of paper with the four warriors written on it, drew a cross behind the spartan and gave answer: 'The Persian Immortal' The timevehicle rose to the air and stayed there. 'First, we have to find out, which way Persia is' Jeff said.

The timevehicle came to a stop in the soft earth. The two man came out and sat outside, on the ground. 'Okay the boss wants a persian immortal.' Logan said. 'These guys are supposed to be the elite guard in the Persian empire.''Logan explained Jeff. 'Hmm okay' Jeff reacted. 'Well there is a Persian town here somewhere. I noticed it when we came flying here. We could sneak in the town and search untill we find one. We stun him and drag him away.' Jeff said to his companion. the plan was quicly thought out and both men waited untill the night came before they came into action. The trip into town as soundless and no guard had noticed that they were there. It took some time before they saw a man whom they positifly could identify as an immortal. Jeff and Logan waited behind to trees untill the lone man walked past and as soon as he had his back towards them, Jeff grabbed the stungun and shot it at the neck of the persian warrior. The immortal went down with a big sound. The two modern men grabbed the scale armoured warrior and dragged him away, out of town. When they were out of town, they took a rest and continued. That went on untill they finally arrived at the timevehicle. Not bothering to take off the scalemail, the two men threw their victim with armour and all in the cell. They headed into the cockpit and Logan checked his papers. 'Next on is a guy in the company cavelry of Alexander the Great' Logan said. Both men adjusted the timevehicle and with a big bang, it traveled trough time again. 

Macedonia, it was big and beautiful. Both men left their vehicle and Logan grabbed his smg as he went along. It was a smart move as when they walked towards a small pont, there appeared two men on horseback. The riders soon caught up with the walking men and the two soldiers noted that one was holding a very long spear and the other a strange sword. Both wore armour and a helmet. One of the men on horseback was now yelling at the two soldiers. Jeff reacted with an 'your mom' while Logan grabbed his smg and started shooting at the rider with the spear. the weapon spitted bullets and it did not take long before both warrior and horse fell dead on the ground. The other horse staggered in shock and threw its rider off. The man fell on the ground, breaking his leg. He tried to stand up but fell on the ground again. Jeff and Logan walked towards the fallen man and Logan took out his tranquilizer. Before he could shoot, Jeff walked towards the fallen man and smashed his fist in the face, making the macedonian faint. His armour was taken off and they lifted the man up, threw him in the cell and headed on to their final victim of this travel. 

The air erupted as the timevehicle shot trough the sky. The landing was swift and soft and it did not take long before the two men were searching the woods for an centurion of the roman army. The lucky the guys were on previous searches, now they did not see a soul. The night fell for a second time that day and the dissapointed men walked back. They would spend the night in the cockpit and would search the other day.                       Arrived at the vehicle, the two men saw two others stand in front of the vehicle and Logan and Jeff quickly drew their handguns.  The two men stood with their backs towards the soldiers and before they could shoot, a man in chainmail walked away and another man in scalesarmour, still stood there. The soldiers grinned towards each other and put away their guns. Secoonds later, Jeff grabbed the roman and pulled his head towards the side, releasing his neck, which was protected by the helmet before. A quick tranquilizing shot and the men threw the centurion in the last cell. They stepped in and warped themselfs back into the future. 

Just a few more

The hall was busy with people. Some technicians were checking one of the timevehicles who got damage when several saracen arrows hit the airborne machine. On the other side, the timevehicle of Tim and Ramson dissapeard, only to come back ten minutes later, cells filled with warriors.  As Jeff waited on his companion, he saw how  a big musculair white man was dragged away, followed by some kind of indian warrior. When two bare chested black men were dragged across, Logan finally arrived. He was holding an ak 47 and walked straight towards the historyboomer. He dissapeard in the cockpit and seconds later, his head got outside. 'What are you waiting for, boyscout? We have work to do.' Shaking his head, Jeff went along and sat on his chair. 'So since you are so eager, where are we heading first?' Jeff asked. 'One of the most beautiful country's i have ever been to. I wonder how New zealand in history looks like.' Logan answered. 'Yes but what warrior do we need?' Jeff pressed on. 'We will be hunting Maori' was the final reply of Logan.  A few minutes later, they shot trough time again.                              Hoovering in the air, the timevehicle lowered and landed in the sand, next to the sea.     As Jeff and Logan stepped out, they saw something incredible. Around fifty warriors, all almost naked were fighting each other with weird spears and things that looked like baseball gloves but just more different. The warriors now put the attention to the just arrived time travelers and the two small armies were now joining up, to beat these two strange foes. Logan jumped in the vehicle again and threw an smg towards Jeff. Logan took his ak47 Both men fired off their rounds, killing Maori around them. 'I'm out!' Jeff yelled. 'Load up, I have your back' Logan responded. After a while, the body's of the dead Maori layed in the sand, the blood all around them. There were five Maori warriors left but they were quickly taken care of by the makarov and sig sauer. Jeff and Logan did make shure that there was still one alive. The lone Maori was nervous and as he ran away he tripped over a body. The stungun did his work and the last Maori went down with a scream.   

The timevehicle flew again. This time they were in Japan. 'Hold it' Logan suddenly said. 'What is wrong?' Jeff asked. 'Just look down' and when Jeff looked trough the glass of the vehicle, he saw three samurai fighting five men. 'Ninja i guess' Logan said. The timevehicle landed and the two men jumped out. There they saw that there were only two warriors left. One samurai and one ninja. The samurai was holding a katana, while the ninja had a sickle with chain and ball. Jeff and Logan walked closer and grabbed their stunning weapons. The two fighting warriors never saw the attack coming and before they knew it, did the ninja fall down due to the stungun effects and got the samurai a tranquilizing dart in a vain. As Jeff took the ninja away, Logan was trying to get the samurai out of his armour. When Jeff returned, Logan was still struggeling. Together, the two finally got the armour off and dragged the samurai in the third cell. 'Okay, now we need to go to Mexico in 1214' Logan said when both of them sat in the cockpit again. 'What warrior?' Jeff asked as he put in the codes and coordinates. 'An Aztec Jaguar' Logan said before they got shot trough time again.

The timevehicle finally came down in the mud. It had taken some time before they found a spot to land in the jungle where the aztecs were hiding, but they finally were succesful. 'Shall we leave the historyboomer?' Jeff asked. 'We don't have a choise really, i'l take the ak47 with me, so you don't have to worry' Logan said. The two men walked around with the only sounds from the little insects and other small animals. That went on for some time when the men heard a cry, followed by more cries. The men made their weapons ready and as soon as they saw something, Logan fired his ak47. More cries and now there were stones and spears flying their way. 'We must move' Jeff said. 'NOW!' he added as Logan fired of some more rounds. They started running towards the vehicle and just before they got there, Logan was out of breath. He looked up and saw a man running towards him. The man was wearing the skin of a jaguar and was holding a piece of wood with sharp stones embedded on it. Before Logan knew what had happend, the jaguar was very close by and swung his weapon. Logan barely managed to block the attack with his machine gun, but he did not succeed in holding grip and the ak47 was slammed out of his hands. An second attack was launched at Logan and he stepped backwards quickly. The attack mostly hit the tree but one of the blades slashed the arm of Logan. He roared in pain and as he looked up, he saw the jaguar man attacking him with some sort of knife. Logan managed to block the attack with his arm, only to be pushed away and before he knew it. The knife had gone trough his shoulder and the blood dripped down.  Jeff came into action and pushed the attacker away with his shoulder. Hearing cries from far awa, both man acted quick and both grabbed an arm of the aztec. They threw the struggeling man in the cell and went to the cockpit where Logan bound a piece of his shirt around his shoulder. When the men started the machine, they knew they did not have time to make it to the air and started the timewarp engine on the ground. They were shot forwards and with a big bang, they felt the trees giving was as the punched again some. They lifted up and both got dizzy. Then they suddenly hit ground again. The screaming started again and the smoke made that they could not see a thing. The door was opened and as Jeff reached for his gun, he was pulled out. When he opened his eyes, he was looking at the face of his chef. Sir Hulsher. ' The voice of the chief sounded in the hall. 'get those men to a doctor, now' that was the last thing Jeff heared before he blacked out. 

His eyes opened and Jeff was looking at the cleavage of the blond nurse. 'A good, you are awake' she said with a soft voice. In the bed, next to him was a pissed off. 'Whats with you' Jeff asked. 'My weapon, it is still in the past.' 'soo, we will travel again and pick it up again.' Jeff concluded lightharted. 'The chef was here, we are now allowed to travel in the past anymore. We messed up the historyboomer. The boss said we should be happy that the warriors are still alive.' Jeff did not know what to say and just relaxed in the soft bed.

Prepare for combat

Fred Devons walked with his number two, Jasper and the head of his guards Mark Hulsher. They were heading for prison cells and discussing the current developments. 'The promo's have aired and according to our calculations, every male and half of the female population of the western world will watch our show when it airs.'  Jasper said. Fred smiled by hearing this. 'And then everybody will know who produced the last warrior standing. Everybody will have the Devons Television Group on their lips.' 'Yes yes Sir' Jasper added quickly. 'Also, the adds for the first fight are airing too. It will be a splendid first fight, the Apache going against that Shaolin Monk guy.' Jasper finished. 'Very good, very good. Mark, how are the warriors doing?' Fred replied. 'Good sir. They all recieved earpieces, that way we can understand them and they can understand us. Makes things rather easy. They get out of their cell a few times a day, to train and eat. The weapons and armour are ready for use tomorrow night on the first fight.' Mark asnwered the question. 'One more thing. You know i borrowed some money with some darker.. coorperations. I had to get into the more darker buisness and they might come by. When they do, I pefer to have a few of your soldiers close by.' Fred said tacticly. 'Don't worry boss, I know about your activity with some illigal groups and my soldiers are ready for them.' Mark said with a smile. 'Great, great. From now on you are my number three Mark.' Fred said, now smiling too. 

Fred Devons walked towards the window and when he looked trough, he saw six warriors training. The templar knight was sparring with the viking with wooden swords. The Apache and Comanche were wresteling each other in a sandbox  and the immortal was busy, moving his wooden weapons in thin air. I'm missing something, Fred thought. That Maori was supposed to be in this group.  Finally Fred saw the Maori, who was practising his Haka Mata in a corner. When he walked somewhat further, Fred saw group two eating. That group consisted of the shaolin monk, the samurai, the centurion, the celt, the mongol and the saracen. When both groups were done, they would switch and after that, the other two groups would get their turn. This way the warriors could eat and stay in condition with minimal chance of a revolt. 

Searching eye was staring at the guard behind the table. Behind him were another two guards, holding strange guns. On the table lay some of the Apache weapons he was used to fight with. He had to take the weapons he wanted to use during the fight and stand ready for battle. If he dared to try and kill one of the guards, well the guard that told him what would happen, was not exactly detailed but Searching Eye got what he meant.                                                                                                                                  The first weapon was easy. Searching eye took the quiver with arrows and put it on his back. Then, he took three knives, putting one in his boot, one on his belt and the last on his upper leg. The next weapon was his bow that he let slide over his chest and finally he grabbed the spear. Standing in front of the door, Searching Eye gave a cry and said: 'I am ready'

Not happy with the fact that he was supposed to fight someone, Kahn Lu sighted and looked at the array of weapons stalled before him. After doubting some time, the monk finally made his decision and took the two hookswords and arranged them on his belt. He placed the rope dart around his arm and finally took his quarterstaff. This should do. 'Okay' the shaolin said.


'You all zapped in on the first great fight of the last warrior standing. Welcome!' the accouncer said. 'Today, the Apache warrior will fight the peace loving shaolin monk. Who will win, who is the greatest, stay tuned and you will find out. All thanks to the Devons television group. And first, before the fight begins, let's see what battlefield will be used.' The arena changed into a forest. 'The fight will be fought in a north european forest' the voice sounded trough televisions around the world. 'Without further adoo, I present the fight.' Suddenly two warriors stepped into the arena walking trough the forest, looking for their opponent.                                                                                        Searching Eye saw his opponent and grabbed his bow and an arrow. Kahn Lu, who had seen his enemy too, started unwrapping the rope dart. When he was done, an arrow flew trough the air, hitting the shaolin in the side. He quicly stepped behind a tree and saw an arrow fly trough the sky. 'and the first hit is from the Apache, who has seriously wounded the monk' the voice sounded.                                                                               Kahn Lu pulled the arrow out and peered behind the tree to see the Apache, still ready with bow and arrow in his hand. The Monk thought quick and came up with a plan to strike back. He swung the rope drt towards his enemy and altough the first one missed, the Apache dropped his arrow and the shaolin swung his weapon again, this time, the rope wrapped itself around the leg of the native and a few seconds later, the native american warrior lay on his back in the grass. 'And the Shaolin strikes back' the voice came again. Kahn Lu took his quarterstaff and as the Apache freed himself with a knife and stood up, the quarterstaff hit his stumach and the Apache fell to the ground again. Kahn Lu now was aiming for a strike against the temple to finish it off when suddenly a knife flew at him and hit him inces above the place where the arrow had hit him. 'That hurts', the announcer commented. Kahn Lu pulled the knife out and took off, running trough the forest. Searching Eye smiled as he took the knife from the ground and put him in his belt again. He then took his spear and started running. It was hunting time.

Kahn Lu was still running untill he tripped over an fallen tree and tumbled down, straight to a river. He was just able to grab some grass but his foot went in the water and he felt how icecold it was. With one hand, he was able to reach for his twinhooks and used the daggers to pull himself up and climb back onto the rigde. Finally back up, Kahn Lu saw how the Apache had found him and was walking closer. Searching eye threw his knife again, but due to incredible luck or skill, the Monk was able to block the incoming knife with his twinhooks and seconds later, the twinhooks and spear were fighting each other. The spear lunged forwards but one of the hookswords pushed it away, as the other cut into the arm of the native. Searching Eye cursed in pain and felt how one hook came behind his shoulder and ripped skin and flesh away. The bloodied hookswords reached for the neck of the Apache, when the oppertunity came. Grabbing both weapons with his own hands, the two warriors pushed and pulled untill the Shaolin Monk felt the pain again and weakend his grip. It was then that the Apache kicked his opponent over the rigde. Falling down, Kahn Lu could just grab some bushes and saw how his hookswords fell in the water. Trying to pull himself up, the fight had tired him and his power was gone when all of a sudden, a hand appeared. It was the Apache warrior who stood there, trying to help him. Thankfully, the shaolin grabbed the hand and when he was raised up, Searching eye gave a warcry and when the monk was high enough, he cut the throat of the monk with a quick slash and let go of the hand, dropping the monk in the water.

'And it is done!' The voice soared again. 'The Apache has beaten and killed the shaolin Monk. What a great fight, this was. This was it for tonight, but stay tuned for the next one, next week.' Fred Devons cheered with his his technical staff on the great fight and soon the forest disapeared, leaving only a white room with an bloodied Apache and a dead Monk.                                                                                                                           The Apache opened the door and saw the guards standing behind the table. He had not bothered to take the rest of the weapons and licked the blood off the knife and slammed it in the wood of the table. The other two knives he still carried ended next to it. 

The whole crew cheered at the end of the fight.  The Apache had won and soon the commercials of the new fight. A few day later, that the first episode of the last warrior standing had gotten a lot of positive reviews. All of them claimed that everything looked so real. Ofcourse, there were people who said that the fight was very fake, which was recieved with much humor by Fred Devons. 'Look at this' He said two days later to Jasper. 'Look at this comment, a guy called shoalinmonklover88 for example. He said that the shaolin would never fall over the ridge and would have chosen other weapons.' Yeah, i know.' Jasper reacted. 'Ive read a comment from KungFuNinja, who said that he knows kung fu and that the kung fu of the shaolin monk would destroy the Apache. There are a lot of discussions between the shaolin lovers and the apache lovers. Really funny to read actually.' 'Yes, we have hit an goldmine' Fred said. How is the commercial of our next match up doing by the way?' Fred suddenly asked.' 'Here take a look.' Jasper put on his tv and pushed on a button.

'You have seen the first match between the Apache and the Shaolin Monk.' the same voice as of the first match up spoke. 'Now we have the ancient Greek battletank, called the Spartan.' There were images visible of a Spartan with the camera slowly gliding down from head to toe. Following were movies of Spartan warriors fighting hoplites of Athens and the famed Persian army. 'These warriors had a tough training since childhood and had to endure pain.  They were battlehard and unbeatable in their time. BUT will they peform as good against an warrior from the middle ages. The opponent for the Spartan will be nothing less then the Templar Knight' An image appeared of an templar knight, from feet till head. 'The templars protected the roads in Arabia against muslims. In fact, when the crusades were over, they had to be destroyed by political power because no army was able to take them on.'  There was a video of a knight dressing up and riding towards battle, followed by an army. 'Now these warriors are taken out of their army, who would win. TUNE IN ON YOUR LOCAL STATION NEXT FRIDAY AND FIND THE ANSWER!' 'Great' Fred said. 'Really great'

The next week, nothing really happend. the whole world was waiting for the next match up and everybody talked about it and how real it looked, with nobody knowing how real it all was. 

Fred walked in the Cerbus upperchamber with all the equipment. 'The camera's are all ready and how are you guys?' Fred asked happy. 'Great boss' and Indian guy responded. 'We only need to know what you had planned for arena' 'For this match up, i was thinking of a small dungeon with skeletons' Fred said after some thinking. 'Good choise sir' the same man responded. Suddenly his mobile phone rang and Fred picked up. 'yes.. hmhm hmhm, Great, Okay.' After he hang up, he started talking again. 'The warriors are ready for battle, we will start in ten.' the white room changed in a dungeon with green algea on the walls and a skelleton hanging on a wall. 

Chilon was had just put on his armour and now equipped himself with his helmet. The he gave a glance to the collection of weapons on the wooden table and equiped his xyphos and scabberd. He then took his aspis in his left hand and the dory on his right. He them stumped the butt of his spear on the ground and gave a battlecry. Chilon was ready. i hope i don't have to fight that immortal guy, the spartan warrior thought by himself. He actually liked him.

Ardo sat in his cell. He was wearing his tunic and undertunic, thiking about what had happend. It all started when he was riding out of the fortress, looking for en enemy camp that was supposed to be in the neighberhood. Next thing, a man and woman with strange weapons came to him. Ardo tried talking to them but they did not understand him and the next thing he knew was that a loud bang came out of the strange weapon and his horse dropped dead on the ground. The man and woman jumped on him and after a struggle, he felt a needle in his neck, his limbs became numb and he blacked out. Now the templar knight was in this cell, training and eating, waiting to fight.                    A broad man appeared in front of the cell. 'If you do something strange or dangerous, I will shoot you. And i will not stop when you are dead.' Jeff said with a smile. The knight remained silent and just walked with the soldier. A door opened and Ardo came in a room with his armour and a table with his weapons and shield. 'Put on your armour and choose the weapons you would like to use, now.' The same guard said. Ardo took off his tunic and put on his gambeson. He then put on his chainmail armour and coat of arms. Then he proceeded to put on his padded coif, chainmail coif and finally his greathelm. Then he took a look on the table. Ardo equipped his sword, took his crossbow but after consideration put it away again. The reload time was too dangerous for a one on one battle. The templar took his flail and pollaxe and said in a muffled voice that he was ready. Ardo hoped that is was that muslim warrior he had seen ealier. He was a templar after all.

'The stage is set and the warriors are ready to battle' The announcer yelled. 'Who will die in this dangerous dungeon and join the skeleton and who will walk away?' Before the announcer could go on, a door opened and the templar knight walked in. He dropped his pollaxe and knelt on one knee. 'Looks like he is preparing' the announcer said. Shortly after, the opposite door openend and the spartan battletank came in. As he walked up to the knight, the knight stood up and took out his flail. Both warriors looked at each other and suddenly, both warriors shot into action. Ardo started swinging his flail at his opponent, only to have the attacks blocked by the aspis shield. Chilon tried to counterattack by stabbing the chainmail of his opponent, only to find out that the chainmail did its job. With neither warrior being able to hit the other, they just kept on trying, hoping for one lucky blow. All out a sudden, the flail hit the spartan spear, bending the tip and rendering it useless. The Templar knight saw his oppertunity and attacked again, only to find the attack hitting the aspis shield again. Chilon threw the spear up and catched it with hand changed. he then put the butt tot he front and attacked the templar with it. He managed to hit the right elbow of Ardo, forcing him to drop the flail, which clanged with a lot of sound to the ground. 'Well well well, the spartan has the advantage' the announcer said to everybody who was watching.            Chilon tried another few jabs at the unarmed knight but the attacks hit air and soon, the templar had taken his pollaxe from the ground. the next few jabs were blocked with the pollaxe and soon Ardo attacked with his poleweapon with the aspis blocking the attack. Ardo managed to pull the shield to the side with his weapon and stabbed the shieldarm with the spearpoint of his weapon. The point entered the arm of the spartan and with an angry cry, the spartan warrior backed down and threw his spear. The knight backed away from this weapon which would obviousy miss. The shield rammed against the knight and he lost his powerful weapon and with another hit from the rim, the knight fell down on the ground. Ardo stood up and unsheated his sword as Chilon dropped his shield. The shield became to heavy for the injured arm. Chilon drew his own sword and both warriors came closer. Both warriors attacked each other but the xyphos was to short to come close and the spartan was busy evading and blocking attacks most of the time. Chilon yelled and stormed at his opponent, blasting trough the defences of the templar knight and thrusted at the chainmail. He was able to hit the weak spots and get trough it. Ard fell how the tip of the sword entered his skin and with and he slammed the pommel of his sword against the helmet of the spartan. Chilon walked back but felt he sword of his opponent slicing the back of his knee. Ardo made a circle after the attack, planning to attack again. This was an fault he had soon regrets about. The shortsword slashed over the chainmail. The next attack of Ardo hit the spartan helmet. Ardo watched the weakend spartan, who was now brought to his knees. By sight, the templar knight knew this was a true warrior, who would fight untill the end.                      Ardo feigned an attack from the upperright and when Chilon lifted his sword to block, Ardo attacked for real. Hitting the hand and severing some fingers including the thumb, Chiron dropped his sword. The now powerless Spartan warrior was at the mercy of the templar knight, who kicked the Spartan on his back and walked towards his head. With an angry cry, Ardo jabbed downwards into the open places of the helmet. The blood splurted everywhere. 'And the templar knight has won this battle between giants' the announcer yelled. The camera's went to the handsome young man who had announced the two matches thusfar. 'And next week we will travel to the continent of Africa, to put the zulu warrior, who was personally trained by the famous Shaka Zulu, against the Azande warrior. The tribel warrior who scarred himself and viled his teeth to look more dangerous. Don't miss it. Find out who is the last warrior standing.'        

Ardo was just done with thanking his lord for beating his enemy and now the adrealine went away, he felt how tiring this match up was. he grabbed his polearm and used it to walk to the door the warrior came in. He threw the pollaxe to the ground and unbuckeld his belt after the broad guard had said that he had to give the weapons back. Ardo then took his armour off and when he saw the wound inflicted by the sword of his opponent, he saw how lucky he was. If the sword had gone a bit further, Ardo would have been dead. Now Ardo was thinking about it, he had acted as an animal, slaugtering this powerful warrior. Ardo would do pendance when he was back in the cell. 'Now come' Jeff said as the templar put on his woolen tunic. ' You will go the the doctor and then wash yourself, if you do wash yourself.

Daraa stuck his assegai in the grass and did the same with his íklwa, holding only his knobkerry and shield. Daraa stood in front of a patch of grass, with in the middle a big old tree and on the other side his opponent, the Azande warrior. 'niam niam niam' Ayama said. His Makraka and makrigga lay in the sand beside him, just as his shield. The tribel warriors were watching each other, the hate in the eyes made them lose every contact with the rest of the world.                                                                                        Daara tried to reach for his assegai but had to duck away for an kpinga that soared his way and therby loosing the weapons he was holding. Succesfully dogding the weapon, Daraa stood up only to see a second kpinga coming right at him. Daraa ducked away but the second kpinga made an big fleshwound on his leg and he ended up in the sand. Ayama saw his opponent getting down from his second and last kpinga, he took his chance, lifted his makrigga from the ground and charged at the zulu warrior. Daraa picked his knobkerry and shield up again but could not avoid the attack of the Azande. Ayama thrusted his makrigga at his retreating opponent and managed to stab his enemy with the tip of his weapon. The weapon was in a short time and not very deep but the Zulu still felt the pain of the weapon and he stepped backwards a few more times. Without any other options, Daraa threw his knobkerry, hitting the head of the Azande warrior and ran towards his iklwa. When he reached it, he put some berry's in his mouth and pulled the weapon out of the sand. Before Daraa could ran back, Ayama was already close, holding the makraka and shield of his own. He attacked the Zulu, who did an sidestep and tried to counter, which failed. After a few more attacks, neither warrior had hit is opponent . Daraa smiled and suddenly spit an liquid. As an reacton, the Azande lifted the shield in a reflex. The spit of posion hit the shield but this gave the Zulu warrior a chance to hook the shield of his opponent away with his own and stabbed the kidney. Daraa then kept on stabbing his opponent in an wild frenzy and never noticed the makraka slashing his shoulder. After a few seconds, which looked like minutes for both warriors, the Zulu and the Azande fell on the grass, lying still.

'Unbelieveble' The commentator spoke. 'A tie. The third match ended up in a tie.' As the got up to commercials, Freddy Devons gave his orders. 'Get those two away'                    As a few soldiers came in to take the warriors away, Daraa suddenly opened his eyes and stabbed the closest soldier with his iklwa in the neck. The soldier went down and as the second soldier turned to him, he spat the spit of poison he still had in his mouth, in the eyes of the soldier and then stabbed the man trough the kevlar vest, in the hart.       'Get more soldiers now and shoot that idiot' Freddy yelled as he saw his soldiers dying.  

Ahmed and Thomas made it quick to the door that led to the Zulu warrior. Ahmed was an retired somalian pirate who was great with the ak and Thomas used to be a member of Swat, untill he was kicked out of the force, for being too violent. Thomas was holding an remingon shotgun, while Ahmed had his faithful ak47 with him. They were joined by Jeff and Logan who were holding an ak47 and sniperrifle. The door was kicked open, Jeff and Ahmed came in, ak47's up. The next one was Thomas who aimed his shotgun at the warrior and lastly was Logan, who stayed by the door. 'Drop your weapon and nothing will happen to you' Ahmed said. As answer, Daraa ran at his opponent and when he came close, the shotgun went off. Daraa fell backwards as the bullets ripped his face apart, finally the zulu warrior had fallen. 'Thanks' Ahmed said to Thomas.  'No problem' his buddy replied. 'lLets clean up this mess.'


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