Billionaire Recluse Amazing True Story US Carroll Trust National Security Case

August 31, 2010




The Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust National Security and Public Interests Case took a further twist with sources confirming that the Los Angeles Police Department in California are closely "monitoring" the final unfolding developments in a case which involves the late billionare Howard Hughes estate interests.

It has emerged in British and American media reports that the Howard Hughes estate interests which at the time of his death on April 5th 1976 included Hughes Aircraft Corporation Hughes Helicopters together with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Maryland USA "is connected" with the Gerald Carroll Trust Global Case. It is understood that Carroll Aircraft Corporation Carroll Anglo-American Corporation and Maine Investments Gibraltar are the "named" victims in what is termed as the Hughes Carroll Affair.

Loeb & Loeb the major American law firm with offices in Los Angeles New York Chicago Nashville and Washington DC has been named with Slaughter and May as the Carroll Foundation Trust Global Interests lawyers in Britain's biggest ever white collar organised crime offshore tax evasion money laundering fraud heist operation in modern economic history.

The Carroll empire spanned Europe Australia United States of America and the Russian Federation controlling vast land areas in Australia involving agri-industrial enterprises sheep stud farms and meat processing operations within an area of land half the size of Wales. Trans-continental commercial real estate holdings associated banking and financial concerns in Gibraltar and Nassau Bahamas. Global share holdings in publicly quoted and privately held military-industrial corporations together with the Gerald Carroll Trust carried interests in the late billionaire Howard Hughes estate.

Sources have confirmed that the Loeb & Loeb Los Angeles Office is explicitly documented in Carroll Trust compelling criminal evidence dossiers which contain forged and falsified US Carroll Corporations registered in Delaware USA. Further sources have also confirmed that forged and falsified Carroll Trust Corporations tax filings together with "cross-border multiple name switch dummy" UK Carroll Trust Company share certificates impulsed the resultant embezzlement and criminal liquidation of over $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) of Carroll Foundation world wide assets and liquid funds within the framework of an international crime syndicate operation.

Shocking new revelations exposed in American and British media reports have stated that the entire contents of the prestigious multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia Caroll residence were "stolen" including the theft of US Anglo-Irish Russian national treasures and illuminated manuscripts and HM Crown Gerald Carroll Ministry of Defence classified documents and cherished Howard Hughes personal effects. It is understood that a member of the crime syndicate executed "forged and falsified" lease documenation which impulsed the criminal seizure of the home and the further serious criminal offences in a case which stretches the globe.

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case is one of the largest organised criminal conspiracy and corruption affairs in modern economic history. The Carroll Trust $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) embezzlement of funds liquidation of assets on a world wide basis is held with in a complete = LOCKDOWN = at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Specialist Operations Directorate within a "cross-border" US HM Crown National Security Public Interests Case.

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