Get Yourself Jacked

by Robbie E   October 17, 2012 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 3,309

What up, my dudes? Everyone is always asking Robbie E the big questions, everywhere I go. Why my body is so perfect? Why do I look so good? Why I am so jacked and ripped all the time, no matter what time of year or what time of the day, bro? Well, here are my secrets to a perfect body. But listen, bro. Don't go telling everyone, this is for my fans only, you heard?

5 - Protein - I admit I don't eat as perfect as I should at times, but I regularly take two protein shakes a day: Whey protein after my midday workout, and casein protein at night while I sleep cause it stays in your system longer as it acts slower. Also, in the morning I kick my day off with some protein cookies. That's a lot of protein, dude, and that stuff is a must!

4 - War Ropes - War ropes keep my arms cut, bro. They are great for your shoulders and also for your core. You can do so many different things with them to keep you feeling fit. Working with the ropes really is what helps me stay on my game and make me the most fit in IMPACT WRESTLING. Cause I definitely am!

3 - Consistency - I don't slack. No matter if I'm tired, hung over, have a few girls in bed with me -- It doesn't matter. I always get my workouts in. Depending on my road schedule I even double up my workouts up if it's a crazy week, man.

2 - Cardio - I make sure I warm up before every workout to get sweating and always end my workouts with a run, which helps me make sure I still got it. Not just any run either, I go fast bro.

1 - Tan - The darker you are the more ripped ya look, hamsters! So hit the tanning salon and get tan so those muscle lines come out more.

If you follow my tips, and stick to 'em bro, you won't have to wear a t-shirt in the pool next summer. But if you don't, the least you can do is buy my shirt and swim in that. I tried to help, hamster.

Until next week...oh!!!!! You ain't on the list bro!!

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