The Expendables Finds Forest Whitaker Expendable

March 19, 2009

Sylvester Stallone's newest project, the much anticipated The Expendables, is replacing an Oscar-winning member of its cast with a less-than-reputable "actor." Forest Whitaker is being substituted with a hip-hop star of dubious distinction, which is sure to have a lot of fans wondering why Sly deemed him so expendable.

Apparently the production of The Expendables got pushed back a month and Whitaker had to pull out, so in his place Sly cast 50 Cent. Yeah, you read that right. The man who rocked Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Righteous Kill is going to bring his estimable acting ability to the next Stallone masterpiece. Is this project D.O.A.?

Stallone wrote to Aint It Cool:

The anger of the casting of 50 Cent is understandable,
but not fair. A player is only as good as his coach. If a man can
communicate in one medium, he can communicate in another if his strengths
are brought out and he has the support of well-wishers. So, trust me, the
change of Forest Whitaker to 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson is a good one. No
one thought Dolph Lundgren was a good choice for ROCKY or Mr. T. Carl
Weathers was an afterthought when Ken Naughton fell out.

Uh, yeah, don't think anyone's going to be convinced.

50 Cent is set to play CIA liaison Agent Will Sands -- and who knows, maybe he dies on page 12. If not, it's likely Sly is figuring Fiddy is bringing with him a fanbase that would otherwise be less interested in the film.

Source: Elsa/Getty Images