Travis Pastrana Starts the New Year with a World Record Jump

January 4, 2010

Travis Pastrana might just be a certifiable madman. In 2006, Gymkhana-ist Ken Block managed to set the world record for jump distance in a car at 171 feet. To ring in 2010, Travis Pastrana decided to see if he could beat demolish that record.

Soaring 269 feet in a jump-prepped Subaru WRX STI over Long Beach harbor, Travis made it look easy, and even giggled as he plunged the car head-long into the tire barrier at the far end, taking out the camera equipment installed there, perhaps just for fun.

But were the stunts over after that? Of course not.


Mr. Pastrana, you sir are a glorious maniac. Hope that microphone was insured!

Source: ESPN