TUF's First Semifinal Recap

December 3, 2008

Episode 11: The semifinals. Let's get down to business. Dana breaks down the first matchup for us. He like's Bader's stand-up, sort of, and his wrestling is great but Eliot's jiu jitsu is far superior, which makes for a great matchup. Both coaches, not surprisingly, think their respective fighters are the best.

Bader thinks Eliot has no heart, Eliot thinks Bader thinks all he has is heart -got that? The only thing that's clear is that no one has any idea what's going on.

We get a little peak at Bader's training and he's sparing at pretty much full speed with Nogueira, who isn't wearing any headgear. That dude is a monster. I wonder what Mir thought when he saw that clip.

Marshall is aware that he's the underdog, but he's confident in his jiu jitsu, explaining that wrestling teaches you how to push through walls while jiu jitsu teaches you how to go around them. Wuss. Sure, I might be a little bias since I spent most of my life on a wrestling mat, but I stand by my assessment.

Either way, the time for talking is over. Let's fight!

It ends up a three round decision, hard fought by both men but Bader comes out with the unanimous decision. Click here for the full fight recap.

To his credit -and unlike many of his housemates- Marshall isn't making any excuses. "Bader beat me," he says solemnly. As Dana White explains it, "Not up for fight of the year or anything like that... but Bader moves on to the finale." All that needs to be said.

Let's move on the lightweights. At the official weigh-in, Roop is looking beat up from fighting only a few days prior and Nover walks donned in superstar shades, looking like the stud that everyone's been calling him. It looks like he thinks he's already won. Roop's not backing down, though. He's fired up from his gutsy win over Polakowski, and Mir is in his corner saying, "If a war broke out, I'd love to have Roop next to me, because that dude aint gonna budge."

Well, let's see... It turns out, he budged. Roop didn't put up much of a fight against the beast that Nover has become. Roop tapped via kimura at 3:20 of round one. He took it like a man, though and he should be given a lot of credit for standing up at less than 100 percent and taking on Nover. Click here for the full recap.

Nogueira warns his star lightweight, "Don't pass out!"