First Official Photo from Avatar is Here

August 14, 2009

A lot of concept art and behind-the-scenes photos have leaked from the set of Avatar, the highly anticipated film from director James Cameron. But now the first official production photo is here and it looks pretty great. Get yourself prepared for Avatar Day because there's a lot more of this stuff headed our way. Hit the jump to see the photo.

Avatar Day is August 21st, and people (who managed to get tickets) are going to finally get to see what only those at this year's Comic-Con saw: 15 or 16 minutes of footage from Avatar. The actual film comes out on December 18th.

So what are your thoughts? Does this pique your interest or do you need to see more before you're convinced?


This photo is of ex-Marine Jake Sully, sitting in front of his avatar: a man-made body, lacking a mind or consciousness, of a Na'vi, the intelligent beings that live on planet Pandora. Humans are trying to colonize this planet but are so much smaller and weaker than the inhabitants on the planet that they essentially transfer their consciousness and DNA into these cloned Na'vi bodies to mine the planet of its resources.

As someone who's seen 25 minutes of Avatar, I can assure you that yes, this is as cool as it looks.

Thanks to 20th Century Fox for the photo.