Modern Round; Match 2: Yakuza vs Taliban

December 4, 2010


Sten Gun.

Walther P-38.


Ceramic Grenade.





PMN Mine.


Sten vs AK-47. Edge = AK-47.

This was close, but the AK-47 has greater range, and a gun with range is the best kind.

Walther vs RPG-7. Edge = Walther.

Again, like the Colts vs RPG, an accurate handgun, like a walther, can shoot down a Taliban reloading his RPG.

Sais vs Bayonet. Edge = Sais.

The Bayonet is cool attached to the AK, but the Sais are faster, and one can hold down the gun, while the other stabs.

Ceramic Grenade vs PMN. Edge = Even.

Both explosives only kill one person, and hurt the others. Due to these results, both are even.


A group of Yakuza are secretly walking down an alley in a small town. They are looking for anyone to fight, still mad about World War ||. But soon they start their own war in 3. 2. 1...

When the Yakuza in front turned a corner, he was riddled with bullets. The other Yakuza shot back to where the bullets came from, and they just took down a Taliban.

The Yakuza and Taliban split up into other alleys and the sides of the street. One Yakuza shot from behind a truck, aiming at a Taliban from behind a dumpster. Meanwhile, a Yakuza was shooting his walther at a Taliban, but he soon was out. He brought out his sais and ran to him, but he put his bayonet on his AK, and they fought.

Eventually, the Yakuza stabbed his sai into the Taliban, but his finger squeezed on the trigger, and shot into the Yakuza's chest, and both died.

Yakuza: 4. Taliban: 5.

Another Taliban ran up a building and soon appeared at the top of the roof. He loaded a warhead into his RPG, aimed at two Yakuza, and shot. One was fast enough after seeing the Taliban, and flipped out of the way. But the other one was destroyed.

Trying to reload, the Taliban with the RPG was hurrying, putting another warhead in the launcher, but out of blue, the door to the roof opened up, and a grenade was thrown in. It landed next to the Taliban's legs, but with his heavy weapon, he couldn't move. The grenade exploded, but didn't kill him. But, the force of the grenade pushed him over the side of the roof, and he landed on the ground. Head first.

Yakuza: 3. Taliban: 4.

The Yakuza that threw the grenade returned outside, shooting at another Taliban. He got the one behind the dumpster who was still being shot at from the other Yakuza. The two Yakuza ran and searched for anymore Taliban, but they triggered a PMN, and it blew, destroying one of them.

The other Yakuza ran back, and he met up with another Yakuza. They saw a Taliban and shot him down. They kept running down the street, making sure not to step on soft ground, after seeing their last Yakuza blown up.

Yakuza: 2. Taliban: 2.

After running down the street, another Taliban came out from an alley and quickly shot another Yakuza. The last one ran, shooting. He shot back but missed, and chased. Soon, the other Taliban came out and shot, and they were in hot pursuit.

The Yakuza turned again, shot, and took down another Yakuza. But when he aimed at the other one, he went out of bullets, and the Taliban aimed his AK.

The Yakuza only had one thing to do. RUN! But with the superior range with the AK-47, he shot down the Yakuza, and the Taliban yelled in victory!

Yakuza: 0. Taliban: 1.

Taliban: 577.

AK-47: 328.

RPG-7: 155.

Bayonet: 28.

PMN: 66.

Yakuza: 423.

Sten: 262.

Walther: 109.

Sais: 37.

Ceramic Grenade: 15.