Garage Inventor Builds a Flying Hovercraft

March 2, 2010

Using parts pilfered from scooters, BBQs, and junked cars, a New Zealand man has made a hovercraft that puts all other hovercrafts to shame. Why? Because this baby can fly.

The inventor of this glorious contraption of our childhood dreams, Rudy Heedman, says that while he basically considers the vehicle a toy, it could have many commercial uses, especially for farmers, considering its relatively low-speed flight and ease of use.

As a bonus, New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority doesn't classify the hovercraft as a plane, so Heedman didn't have to worry about needless extra components like seat belts or operating licenses (!).

With a 1.8 liter motor offering a range of 225 kilometers, Heedman's invention is generating quite a bit of interest on the New Zealand auction site Trade Me, with bids already topping over $26,000.

Of course, smart buyers might also want to factor life insurance premiums into the cost of ownership.


Source: Trade Me