Uma Thurman Apparently Likes It Everywhere

May 2, 2011
Uma Thurman “needs to have it all the time.” Yep, she has an insatiable appetite and likes it with “strangers,” at “home” and in a “taxi.”

You thought Uma was talking about something else, right? No. One of the world's sexiest girls is talking soda water. Yep, the sexy Hollywood actress gets all hot over bubbling water. What makes this Swedish commercial so funny is the hapless reporter who thinks Uma’s talking about sex. She’s not. But it’s always hilarious when foreigners get it wrong, right?

The commercial is directed by David LaChapelle who always pushes the envelope and does interesting things. Here, though, he manages to make Uma so over-the-top sexy that she’s seems more like a robotic drag-queen version of Uma than the sexy movie star Uma we all know and love.

Oh well, at least we get to hear Uma says she “needs it all the time.”

Source: Schweppes