Corvette ZR1 Bests Its Own Ring Time - By Four Seconds!

October 28, 2008

Things are heating up again at the Nürburgring, with Chevy's flagship Corvette ZR-1 shaving four seconds off its claimed 7:26 lap. The new time, with Jan Magnussen at the wheel, is a claimed 7:22.4 for the full 12.93-mile loop. But was it enough to take the title back? While that is a big improvement, it's actually three tenths of a second slower than the Dodge Viper ACR's claimed time, which stands at the top of the heap.  Ultimately, you have to take these lap times with a grain of salt, as there are so many variables involved, such as timing equipment and track conditions, that it's nearly impossible to level the playing field entirely. 

Here's the scoreboard:

1. - Dodge Viper ACR - 7:22.1

2. - Corvette ZR1 - 7:22.4

3. - Nissan GT-R - 7:29

4. - Porsche GT2 - 7:32

[Source: More Gears]