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Sleeping with Tiger Woods Turns out to be a Real Résumé Builder

by davidbreitman   January 03, 2011 at 3:55PM  |  Views: 262

Now that the dust has settled on the Tiger Woods’ sex odyssey, various news outlets have begun tracking down his mistresses to see what they’ve been up to since people stopped caring about the story. The New York Post recently caught up with concubine number 15, Loredana Jolie, who has transitioned from being “Tiger Woods' Mistress” to the exciting world of “profiting from being Tiger Woods’ mistress.”

The Post claims that
“the former Playboy model plans to open an Upper East Side full-facility spa, charmingly called Tigress.” Because if there’s one thing you want to name a business after, it’s the guy who called sleeping with you (and 120 other women) “the biggest mistake of his life” during a nationally televised apology to his wife.

The article went on to note that “she's finishing cosmetology classes," and “found a location and plans to open the spa in March."

Hopefully they offer gift certificates, because nothing says happy anniversary like a $50 voucher to a salon owned and operated by hush money and promiscuity.

Photo: Chaunce Hayden/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images