Top 5 Moments Of Ink Master Season 4

May 20, 2014

This season of Ink Master has definitely been a wild ride: from celebrity judges to tracing accusations to artists cracking under the pressure, we've definitely seen the most tight and intense competition the show's had to date. Some moments were devastating while other moments were inspiring, but nonetheless the fans were vocal about it all.

5. King Ruck Tattoos Himself

It's never a good day when your human canvas starts to pass out on you in the beginning of the elimination tattoo - especially when you're working in pairs. When disaster struck Keith and Ruck in 2 On 1 Tat-Astrophe, Keith went off to blow some steam in the loft while Ruck pulled himself up by his bootstraps and inked himself. Luckily, ol' Ruck squeaked by a brutal elimination that week with an impressive rose tattoo. Everyone loves the guy who never gives up and fights to the end, and so the fans showed their love online for Ruck.

4. Hugh Jackman As Guest Judge and Scott/Matti's Dueling Wolverine Tattoos

Tattooing X-Men characters is already awesome, but when the show brought in Hugh Jackman himself as the special guest judge the fans went bananas. Heck, even Sausage had a big smile on his face. The competition soon intensified when Matti decided to go head-to-head with Scott and tattoo the same character: Wolverine. Hugh was delighted to see his face tattooed on someone else's body part (who wouldn't?), and picked one of the artists as the winner. See the two talented artists go toe-to-toe in X-Men's Hugh Jackman.

3. Scott Marshall Accused of Tracing

Without a doubt Scott Marshall has been dominating the competition and had the luxury of handing out skulls during many weeks. It seemed like he was indeed the chosen one until Gentle Jay started to notice that many of Scott's tattoos were close sketches of online references – really close. Although Oliver Peck exclaimed that every tattoo artist uses references, the fans went on a tirade online. Needless to say, the term "cheater" was spouted more times than you could count. See the controversy in Fighting Dirty.

2. Ashley Bennett's Outburst

During the episode Bug Out, Ashley was so wound up with frustration and hopelessness that she wouldn't even let the judges critique her elimination tattoo. Instead, Ashley went off the deep end, bursting into tears and stating that she didn't want to be in the competition anymore. Sadly, she blamed her weak mental state on being a girl. That's just giving female tattoo artists a bad name. Fans online agreed and wanted this crybaby out of the competition, pronto.

1. Kyle Dunbar Attacks Chris Núñez

Chris Núñez had been hammering Kyle on his tattoos a lot during this season, but only because he believed that whenever he pushed Kyle, Kyle did better. Unfortunately, Kyle let the critiques get the better of him and decided to take matters into his own hands once and for all. The fans expressed their support for Kyle online, but also realized that she shouldn't have gotten physical with a judge over bad critiques. Ink Master Explosion shows the full rumble.