And America's Most Snot-Filled Cities Are...

October 4, 2011

Every year, it comes upon us without warning: cold season. Sniffling, hacking, making your nose sound like a trumpet: it happens to all of us, every year. But unfortunately, some places get the short end of the cold stick. And they're not who you think, either.

Sperling's BestPlace and Breathe Right, you know, the people who want you to wear an Ace bandage on your nose, teamed up to look at cities under seven metrics: pollen, mold and spore count, pollution, flu, smoking, climate, number of prescriptions for anti-congestants, and use of decongestant products. And put your jokes about Los Angeles away: it came in 38th.

Who topped the list? Oklahoma City, OK. Huh? Really? Well, New York has to be second...Birmingham, AL was second? Who was third? New Orleans? Really?

This is actually a bit more important than just making sure you bring lots of tissues for the Saints fans if you're going to visit (although with their record, it's the opposing team who'll really need them): congestion means more snoring, and less quality sleep. So in addition to being congested, they're also tired and cranky, something the people selling breathing products wanted to emphasize.

In short, if you want to sell tissues and coffee, head south, young man!

Photo: Martin Leigh/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images