Melodic Thinking

September 9, 2009

Trey Wright Album Art

"Thinking Out Loud" is the latest introspective from guitar-stunner Trey Wright.  Mr. Wright assembles a trio for this rendering of eight originals and two bold covers of current rock artists.

"Thinking Out Loud" captures the magical interplay that drummer Marlon Patton (Universal Music Group's Heavy Mojo) and bass-ace Marc Miller have developed live.  The strong melodic bass lines braid through modern jazz/rock drum rhythms and provide a unique, fresh foundation for Mr. Wright's contemplative voice.  Recorded mostly live and with minimal overdubbing, there is a dynamic interplay captured by Mr. Wright and producer/drummer Marlon Patton.  The raw energy and often dark mood of the songs from "Thinking Out Loud" make it one of the more compelling releases this year.

"Rat Race" starts off the album and sets the tone perfectly.  It's mood is a reflective and utilizes multiple time signatures while the melody that Mr. Wright floats deftly on top cuts perfectly against the counter melody of the bass.  Mr. Wright also chose to include Soundgarden's "Blow Up The Outside World".  This adventurous cover contrasts a somber with romantic melody.  This creates a captivating tension between that which is familiar and something that is shadowy and hidden.  It is quite a unique take on a traditional rock song.

Trey Wright and his trio have created an intriguing contrast of sorts with "Thinking Out Loud".  It is both dark and hopefully melodic while modern with traditional instrumentation.  "Thinking Out Loud" keeps the listener on edge and at the edge of their seat until the end...anticipating more from this rising star.

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