Deltalina Makes Airline Safety Sexy

April 3, 2008


With auburn hair, a smooth sexy voice and lips like AngelinaJolie, Katherine Lee is making airline safety sexy again. She's the star ofDelta Airline's new in-flight safety video and her likeness to Angelina Joliehas her dubbed Deltalina.The 33 year old has been a Delta air hostess since 1997and auditioned against 1000 other Delta flight attendants to land the safetyvideo role. The spot hasn't even started to air on Delta planes and already it'sreceived nearly a million views online.

According to, Katherine is thrilled.

"I love Angelina Jolie, To be comparedto her is beautiful," said Lee, who's been fielding a steady stream ofmedia requests and at least one marriage proposal. She's single, doesn't have aboyfriend, and says those pouty lips are all hers.

Deltalina certainly isn't as hot as Jolie and sometimes it'shard to exactly see the resemblance. At times she almost looks creepy, like shegoing to hypnotize you with her finger waving and sassy safety tips. In factthis could all be some marketing ploy by Delta and Katherine Lee might actuallybe robot or totally computer generated like that chick in S1mone. Either way,it gets my attention and I'm going to feel a lot safer flying the Deltafriendly skies.

Check out more shots of the sexy Air Hostess and watch the spot yourself to see if she lives up to the hype.