Tiger Woods is Up to His Old Tricks Again

December 29, 2009

Tiger Woods has finally made a public appearance since being embroiled in a sex scandal... and guess who he was seen with.

According to reports Woods was seen partying with main mistress Rachel Uchitel at a Palm Beach, Florida nightclub last Sunday. This is his first public appearance since the scandal broke a month ago. Meanwhile Uchitel has been photographed numerous times in the area in the last week or so.

Both the tabloid TV show Entertainment Tonight and the UK’s The Sun newspaper are reporting that the two were seen together. According to The Sun:

Tiger Woods  has been seen partying with his alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel. Woods, 33, and Uchitel, 34, were spotted holding hands at a party in Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday night … (they also) partied together the previous night at a club. Some sources told Entertainment Tonight they are living together in the Florida resort.

It would seem the duo spent Christmas together and are very much a couple. So is this how Woods is working on his marriage and “being a better husband?”


Source: Splash News