Report: Apple Has 250 Employees at CES, Checking Out the Competition

January 11, 2012

Source: Getty Images

Apple famously does not play in the Consumer Electronics Show sandbox, showing off its toys. If you want to see what Apple's got cooking, you've got to go to their house and watch their separate media presentation.

But that doesn't mean Apple isn't at CES, oh no. Just that they're looking at other people's stuff to see what they've got coming down the pike.

A PaidContent reporter ran into absolutely the last person he expected to see at CES: Greg Joswiak, the head of iOS product marketing. Joswiak was walking around undercover; his badge was arranged to cover up who he was and what company he was from. But he was definitely browsing the booths, and another report turned up that Apple had registered 250 employees to go to CES and look around.

This isn't anything new, obviously. Trade shows like CES are as much about checking out what your rival has in the pipe as it is about showing off your stuff. But Apple has a reputation for seeming aloof to what other companies are showing. Could it be that they're starting to feel the heat of the competition?